Horn Tooting

I’m not thumbing my nose at anyone going through any sort of mental illness, but I feel like we “normies” are underrepresented.

I’m completely psychologically healthy. I’m a bit lazy and tend to procrastinate, but outside of that, I’m a well-balanced, happy, confident person. I get “down in the dumps” maybe eight times a year at most, and never for more than two days. I’m outgoing, have no troubles talking to the opposite sex, and am moderately attractive. I’m a great cook and actually have taste in music and decorating. I’m eccentric enough to be interesting but not to the point of being flat-out weird. I can have a room full of people on the floor laughing when the mood strikes me.

And I’m single! :wink: Kidding, kidding. Not about being single, but the flir–oh you know what I mean

So come on, dopers, pat yourselves on the back. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and GOSH DARNIT PEOPLE LIKE YOU.