Horray! My mom is coming to visit!

I’m SOOOOO excited! She’s going to come and stay with me for the third week in May - I’m totally pumped - I haven’t seen her since X-mas.

I’ve been REALLY stressed lately and I felt like I needed some TLC - mom style, so I called her up and she’s coming!


Wow. I saw my mom for two days last September. Before that it had been about a year and a half. Haven’t seen Dad since July 2000. Nothing against them, but I’ve got my life and they’ve got theirs.

Heck, last September when I saw Mom, it was at my brother’s wedding; while there I saw a sister I hadn’t seen in SIX YEARS. No big deal; she and I have absolutely nothing in common.

Humm - I’m really close with my family - we talk about twice a week on the phone, but it will be really nice to see mom in person. Dad will have to wait until I get out there in August - after he retired he decided he needed something to keep him busy so he got a job driving a school bus - he really likes it, but now he’s not retired anymore. :slight_smile:

HORRAY! I get to see my MOM! Horray!

Good on you, alice!

I live literally 5 minutes away from Mom. I see her at least once a week.

My mom is possibly going to come visit me sometime around the same time as you’ll see yours…is that a coherent sentence…? Anyways, I can’t wait! And we’re moving into a new apartment in exactly one week, and if all goes well, I should have a job I like…things are looking pretty good, even though I miss home SO much!

Give her a big hug!

Wow! I’m going to visit my daughters in MO and MN mid-May and also help my mom get ready to sell her house and move.

May must be a “Mom” month.

Hope you all have terrific visit with the one that loves you most! :wink: