Horrid internet names you've seen

We all know that there’s a lot of idiots out there on the 'net. And sometimes, they’ll choose screen names that make us want to eye-roll, groan, or just smack them silly. So let’s share! Of course, it’s only fair if I begin :smiley:

I hang out with some WoW friends on Ventrilo (a voice chat program) quite often. Now, one of the nice features of Ventrilo is that when someone logs in, it will tell you who logged in. There is also an option to set a custom phonetic for logging in–the Ventrilo window will show your screen name, but your phonetic will be whatever you want it to be. On this particular channel people will ask you to change your phonetic if they are offended, like the guy who set his screen name to ‘fuckmyass’, though we’re not exactly hard-nosed about it (‘Angry white man’ was asked to change his, but I haven’t been called out on my ‘frigid bitch’ yet).

Sometimes you have to ask more than once.

We had one guy, who I will name Dolt, who was logging in with the phonetic ‘I finger fat chicks’. I immediately did not take a shine to this, but had a hard time yelling at him over it because either he didn’t stay long enough for the stunned silence to wear off, or something important was going on. It was also a while before we even knew who it was. Finally, last night, another guy named Luke called him out on it, and we had this exchange.

I finger fat chicks has joined the channel.
Luke: Dude, change your phonetic. People are pissed off.
I finger fat chicks has left the server.
I don’t really finger fat chicks has joined the channel.
Dolt: That better now?
Luke: I think you’re missing the point.
I don’t really finger fat chicks has left the server.
Dolt has joined the channel.
Me: Now that’s better.
Dolt: Oh shit, there’s girls in here?

Funny story! I love how he thought changing his name to “I don’t really finger fat chicks” would help.

Re. horrid Internet monikers, I haven’t seen Anal Scurvy around here in a while. Too bad; he seemed like a good guy. And that’s not really a “horrid” name, but it’s not one to be easily forgotten.

Another ventrilo story: I’m listening to Ardred chat on Ventrilo and we hear: 101010101001010111000001011001001001001 has joined the channel. This takes the computer five or six seconds to say.

Stunned silence. Then:

101010101001010111000001011001001001001 has left the channel. Then just laughter.

I used “Who Really Cares Who” as my vent name, but that was as bad as it got.

Only loosely related to the OP, but posting nonetheless:

A few weeks ago, someone posted about a Rupert Grint-oriented MB (the actor who plays Ron Weasley). One of the participants was named “RupertRocksMySocks.” I laughed until I cried.

Let’s see…

I was a GM in a MUD for 8 years, so I’ve had to spank more than one moron for names along the lines of “Jakesucks” (Jake being the creator of the game).

Currently I play WoW; Les Sentinelles, french RP server. You run into quite a few gnomes who use “tit” as an abbreviation for “petit”; so, tit-this and tit-that as a name. Always makes me have to uncross my poor eyes. :rolleyes:

The one screename that I remember long after I last saw the poster was BoiledSnot. S/he could’ve posted here, which is why I bolded the name. :wink:

I may be better of not knowing, but… what does one discuss on a Rupert Grint message board?

Yeah, but was this ASCII or EBCDIC?

Just kidding. I sorta post my handle on this board. After I registered here, I realized that folk could interpret my name as either live as in “the thing is a-LIVE” or as I intended, as in “My place of residence (I live on) being an airplane.”

Sucks to me, but I am always to date, alive on an airplane and hope to be so for some time to come. But to you all, I remain living on an airplane.

Oh, you are better off not knowing. Lots of “I wish I was that tree” (in response to a picture of him leaning against said tree) and “he’s sooooo cute!!.” Very high pitched squeally.

Just to clarify, someone posted about it here. I have never, nor will I ever go to a Rupert Grint message board. I like the movies, but I have some self-respect left.

My Ventrilo name was always “Yer Momma”.

Years and years ago I had an AOL account and I took great pleasure in logging into one of my alternate names, NoseGremln, to join the chat channels and game rooms.

Old friend of mine used the handle Maggotfoot wherever he went online. Not too bad except that he took on the name to honor a guy we met who actually had maggots in his feet.

The SDMb had a poopoobuttworms as well, as I recall.

This thread makes me miss FireUnderpantsBoobs. I think she’s AwSnappity now, if I recall correctly.

Let’s see… opening Myspace.com

OK, these are all on the first page of the “Browse” function.

I’d keep going, but my mouse just looked up at me and asked me to set it on fire to make the bad people go away.

Makes me glad I don’t do chat rooms. The few times I tried it was all grade school gross out humor.

Nude Moose

[sub]Horrid internet names you’ve seen[/sub]

There’s some chick on the SDMB that calls herself Jayn_Newell!

D & R

Aren’t they all?