Whaaatt? You banned a perfectly respectable user who had lots of umm, valuable things to say! This isn’t spam!
Where are the tissues?

Wow, UncleBeer, that’s a much better site then what the OP originally had up!!

No, wait, what am I saying? Hmm … it’s a toughie. But why is the thread still open? Seems it’s a waste of time now that the OP’s banned.

I opened the thread hoping this was someone being sarcastic. Thank you, UncleBeer, for catching this spaminator! I love seeing spammers thwarted. :slight_smile:

Great jumpin jehosaphat, these dolts are thick. The makers of that game should be skinned, drawn, quartered, and burned. Their ashes should be scattered to the four winds.

This made me laugh. I’m not sure why.

The only thing funnier would’ve been “corn oil”.


I always get the lube out when I read Cecil.

This from the man who started the whole “wedding ring up his nose” craze.

'nuff said.

Well seriously, UncleBeer has turned a shitty piece of spam into a work of comedic gold:

jjimm honey, I was just teasing, honest!

I’m still waiting for the OP to tell us how many people we have to forward the message to before the hilarious video pops up on our screen…you know, the video that he can’t tell us what it is, but it’s SO hilarious that he had to get out the water-based…

Oh, you heard this one already…