Hot in Cleveland 2/9

What was wrong with Melanie Griffith’s mouth?

I assumed badly done collegen implants.

Kissing Antonio Banderas all the time…(well, I would)

Yeah, I noticed there was something seriously awry with Melanie – like she’s had way too many cosmetic surgeries. It sounded like she couldn’t speak very well because her face was pulled so tight.

As for the show itself: I’ve been very disappointed in the last two episodes. The one with the three women competing for the handsome lawyer – oh please, come up with something more original than that, and something that doesn’t’ show women as competitive bitches willing to bad-mouth their friends for a man. And the girls behaving like idiots when testifying…just too much.
The most recent, with the Spanx, was just silly. “Magical Spanx.” Jeez, is this a fairy tale or what? Even Betty White couldn’t save this one. If “Hot” continues down this road, I just might give up on it. Even my hubby, who has been enjoying the show and Jane Leeves legs, said he didn’t like the last two eps. (BTW, Jane is too skinny including her legs, and Wendy Malick is positively skeletal.)

Wendy Malick’s bony shoulders creep me out. She’s always posing in strapless dresses and she looks like some kind of weird, ripped skeleton.