Hotdogging driver crashes into building

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes into Wis. home

Frankly not a situation that I would relish.

I hate it when my wiener gets stuck.

He wanted them to obun the door.

Uggg, that must be the wurst thing to happen all week.

Looks like the driver couldn’t cut the mustard.

I wish I drove the Oscar Mayer Weiner.
That is what I truly want to see.
Cause if i drove the Oscar Mayer Weiner
Everyone would clear a path for me.

Yay, meek.

Sightseeing, huh? Wonder if she was casing the joint.

Good thing for the house it wasn’t a Ball Park-mobile… those plump up when you crash 'em.

*Adds “I just drove my weiner into a house!” to the list of 911 calls I really want to answer before I retire.

Is this the right place to mention the eight-year-old who thought the song went “I wish I was an octopus’s weiner…”?

The responding police officer said he’d never sausage an accident.

He was only trying to ketchup.

It’s a shame the owner of the house wasn’t home. What a perfect way to meat cute!

Frankly, a few of the comments posted below that article are pretty funny too…

Aw, he sure ground up that por kar.

I hope the homeowners fix that garage door soon, or the pooch they keep out there will one one chilly dog.

It sounds like the driver took responsibility for her screw-up: you can tell she’s not a brat.

The weiner will screw the pooch?
I can’t believe a weiner crashed in Mount Pleasant. Wasn’t it listening?

She hasn’t had her mind on the job since Oscar Mayer diedearlier this month.

Good news for Dagwoodnow maybe there is an opening for his dream job.

A weiner in hand is better than two on the porch.