Weinermobile wipes out!

Somebody had a real good time writing this story.

“I’d like to report an out of control weiner.”

“My weiner is stuck in a ditch.”

I was going to make a crass pun about wiping one’s wiener, but I thought better of it.
Aren’t you glad?

Excellent, thanks for sharing.

I used to love writing stories like that, but never got anything quite so ripe for pun and games.


There are only six of those things in the country? They sure do get around because I’ve seen them several times.

That last sentence killed me.

I’d guess as a reporter, this kind of piece is fun to do every once in a while.

Wow. First time I’ve seen a wiener dragging in the snow.

Maybe they were trying to get away from a few hungry mutts…

or maybe, just maybe, they were becoming impatient and were afraid of being caught in a pickle - or worse, caught in a jam - and were simply trying two ketchup.

Perhaps the driver will mustard up some Armour next time, or stick to the Ballparks in Spring.

Frankly, I think it’s cruel to put the weiners on ice (might cause freezer burn). It is much better to warm them slowly with some moist heat until they plump up with juices and serve between two fresh, hot buns. Condoments are optional.

After the weiner got lodged in the snow, I’m surprised there wasn’t enough shrinkage to pull it out.

I saw all the older Weinermobles lined up in the Oscar Meyer parking lot, by Aberg Av. years back. Last year we were coming home from a visit to my sister’s house in Madison. We had to wait for 3 Weinermobles to drive by. It would be funny if they just went around like an ice cream truck in neighborhoods selling hot dogs.

I read a story or saw a clip where a Weinermoble driver said they had gotten on the restricted road by the Pentagon. They avoided a big scene when they stopped them. Can you imagine if things had gone down badly The news would have had a heyday with that.

People, please: Wiener, not weiner. “ie” and “ei” are pronounced completely differently in German (the language from whence the wiener sprang).

I know it’s a little, nitpickety thing, but it’s driving me crazy.

Something isn’t quite kosher about that story.

The opening wasn’t too shabby either


Anyone else notice that it was two women who couldn’t handle a wiener? I mean…

There’s a company in Santa Barbara called Prototype Source that makes one of a kind vehicles, including a very recent model of the Weinermobile. I saw at least 4 of them parked on a side street. For about a month I was seeing them all around town. I love the Weinermobile.

I knew that it was big, but not that big.

For more on the ins and outs of the old wiener, roll your buns over to the Wiki link.

It takes balls to tug a wiener, I gotta say.

I would pay to see this.

Wow, they really blew it.