Hotel room pranks

Hmmmm. Nope, have not done any of these things. Because I’m not an asshole.


I also detest teasing, except in the rarest of circumstances,* because it’s usually bullying that declares itself to be fun.

*The exceptional circumstances might be when both people are deeply in love, deeply respectful of each other, and naked.

These things might be decent pranks if you knew who was going to stay in the room next and they were a specific mark. My buddies and I play tricks on each other from time to time. A few get over the line.

Doing it to an unknown person is just being a dick.

I’m thinking it’s more of a dirty trick on the hotel itself. It makes the next guest pissed off with only the hotel to aim their ire at. Kind of a George Hayduke revenge thing.

3 through 5 are shitty things to do to housekeeping, who are obviously the ones who will encounter those things.

The others are also both lame and shitty things to do to guests you know nothing about.

I don’t know that I’d trust a random baggie of plant matter stashed in a hotel room (or found anywhere else). Hell, I wouldn’t really trust that box of oreos you mentioned.

I’m going to add to the ‘these are mean spirited and cruel jerkish behavior’ tally. Although, like @Johnny_Bravo I will cop to having done the elevator thing as a child and tween, although in general just when I was alone in the elevator rather than when people were approaching.

One not mentioned, and that happened to me was during a trip to Las Vegas NV. They have very (VERY) expensive bottled water in the room, which I did not partake of. But I did notice that the prior guest HAD, then refilled the bottle with tap water and tightly replaced the lid. I reported it to the staff, but since they couldn’t prove anything, the billed me anyway. So 6 bottles of water at like 3 dollars per bottle -this was about 20 years ago, and a similar 750mL bottle would have been $.70 tops at the store-.

Jerk move, both for the cost, and for the taste quality of what the bottled water would have been if I had partaken, and the risks (though small) of it not getting caught for a while which could have had actual health concerns for the drinker.

Even Kieth Moon wouldn’t have been impresssed.

Meh - staleness concerns, perhaps.

Maybe it’s because I had never partaken before it was legalized, orderable online, and deliverable in sealed and mass manufactured containers. But the idea of smoking any substance of unknown origin seems absolutely nuts to me.

If I found a half empty bottle labeled as Vodka, I wouldn’t drink it either.

Not being 10 years old myself, no, I’ve not done any of that.

Or the hotel staff who now get to deal with an irate guest.

I used to leave an incendiary device hidden in my room set to a timer going off in the middle of the following night and burning down the entire hotel. I don’t do it anymore because people can’t take a joke these days.

I like to leave my customary $2/night tip on the night stand when I leave in quarters instead of bills.

No pennies in an upside down glass of water?

For the record, OP is an asshole. Since we’re in the Pit, I will also call troll.

Which would be me. And my security, who has to worry we have someone in that room.

These are all just mean. And pointless.

I hope at your next hotel you get stuck next to colicky twins. I hope your neighbor starts blasting Polka Music 24/7. I hope your AC/heat goes out during the next heat wave/cold spell.

Hey @Mark_Finn,

Have you ever been a hotel and waited until 4 am then went a random room and just kicked on the door and pretended like you were trying to break in and kill the people inside? Ha ha ha! Those people probably shit themselves! What a larf it is to cause pain/fear/discomfort in others, ammirite?

P.s. fuck you.

FYI, dead hookers in the bed aren’t a prank, either.

That’s just misbehaving.

Hey OP next time you travel, do tell us when and where and your hotel room #.

Do you want to be the passenger on the airplane whose crew have had a shit sleep because, having arrived at the hotel at 1am, they were subsequently woken up at 3am by an alarm set by some ignorant cock who was in the room before them?

Not everyone who stays in a hotel is there for a holiday.

Exactly. I was a victim of the “set the clock radio to 3:00 AM on a heavy metal station with the volume cranked to max” prank. I was attending a conference, and was scheduled to speak for an hour in the morning, at about 9:00 or 10:00. I had asked for a wakeup call for some reasonable time (like 7:00 AM), but neglected to check the clock radio. Yep, it blared heavy metal at 3:00 AM, woke me up, and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I made it through my talk at the scheduled time, but it wasn’t the best talk I ever gave. I was dog-tired, but I stumbled through somehow. After the Q & A, I went back to my hotel room, and collapsed, on an afternoon I had hoped to see some of the city I was in, and to catch up with a few friends there. Those plans were toast, thanks to some prankster who thought it would be funny.

Let me tell you, that prank was not funny.

Ever since, I’ve checked the clock radio in every hotel I’ve stayed in for what time its alarm is set for. Fool me once, after all.