Hotel room pranks

Are we SURE the OP isn’t a troll?

Does that make him any less of an ignorant cock?

No, you’re right about that. I’m just wondering if he really is that much of a jackass or he’s having fun winding everyone up.

I’ve been in a room with my family that had the AC set to 50 after we left for the day. It was normal when we checked in, and we left to do our business in that city that day as housekeeping was making up the room. We got back after dinner ( and after the sun went down) to a room that was too cold to sleep in. The manager got involved… moved us to a different room… and the house keeping person lost their job.

All because some Mumble-Fuck snuck in and turned down the thermostat while housekeeping was cleaning the bathroom?

You’re 1/10th as funny as Carrot Top, with just 1/100th the amount of class.

Know what’s really funny?
When someone goes to jail for vandalism and his cellmates decide to beat the fucking shit out of him!
It’s FUN for everyone!

This thread is a fucking delight.

It is weirdly refreshing to vent one’s anger and fury over something truly obnoxious that isn’t (1) trump or (2) COVID. So there’s that.

Yes, there is that.

Los dos.

I’ve had the alarm thing happen to me. Sucks.

I agree with everyone above. Except the OP. But I have two questions, and an observation.

How is pushing the top floor button on an elevator, and leaving going to bother anyone. I’ve never seen an elevator go to the top for first. It lets people off as it arrives at each floor.

As far as locking the bathroom door and shutting it. That won’t work with any modern lock. It will just unlock itself when it’s closed. The button needs to be pushed in before it’s closed. If it’s a lock you turn, I suppose it might work.

Once as a teenager I was with a group staying at a hotel at the beach. One other guy and I took the elevator down, and somebody had blown up a condom and stuck it on some part of the control panel that stuck out enough to hold it (a keyhole? emergency stop button?). After we got off in the lobby, a uniformed cop got on behind us. As the doors were closing, the cop yells out “Nice prophylactic, guys!”

The OP specified you see other people coming to use said elevator with LOTS OF BAGS (on the ground floor/lobby) and sending it to the top floor before that group can use it. So they either have to wait a noticeably longer time. And he wants to see it and their frustration.

So, compared to many of the other “pranks,” it’s harmless, but it is still a jerk thing to do, just making other people wait for your own amusement, when they are likely tired and certainly overburdened.

Like the ‘’‘hotels’’’ the OP is ‘’‘staying in’’’ even have elevators.

oh, before they can use it. I thought the others got on.

What a delightful guy.

A vodka bottle–Hell no, the leaver-behind might have peed in it or laced it with something awful. But the bag-in-the-niche thing is different, as any reefer-savvy person who unearthed the treasure trove (whether they were Housekeeping Staff or another guest) would at least recognize the plant matter for what it was. And nobody leaves poisoned pot around to be found just to fuck with strangers.

Not since I was 5 years old, and in my own home.

But if it’s stale that’s such an insult - should have been vacuum-sealed.

Curious if OP can offer any contrition / owning up sorta thingie goin.

Have you ever been so hard up for a toke that you scraped all your pipes out and smoked the goo from them yesterday?

What I’m trying to say is, just about any pot smoker who found a sneaky secret Santa stash secreted in a motel room closet, with a pipe and lighter to boot, would be delighted with the ganja gift, even if it was a little old and crumbly. Especially if they were hard up.

Hmmm. Perhaps. In a previous lifetime, but this snobbish-as-fuck chronic couldn’t deign, now, to resort to anything other than the Volcano vaporizer, or enailing terp sauce (HTFSE), diamonds, live resin, n’shit.

Heh - maybe if it was in the late 70s/early 80s, some loser might’ve tried lacing shit with paraquat. But nah, even that - nah, ridiculously unlikely.

But really - I believe it was Bobby Bitman who used to say ‘in all seriousness’ - I realise it’s generally not pit etiquette (heh - almost oxymoron) for a pitee to post in their own thread, and in so doing, can exascerbate matters for him/herself and others, but as I earlier noted, I think this would be an ideal situation for pittee to offer some kind of mea culpa, to, I dunno, maybe at least stave off the pile-on?
Yeah - my previous post should’ve mentioned subject of OP, and not OP, just to clear that up.

Bear in mind that the OP started the thread in MPSIMS, and the mods moved it to the Pit soon after; the OP hasn’t re-posted in his thread since starting it.