Hottest Leader, Dignitary, Potentate, what have you...

Checking out Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful women, I was immediately smitten with Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s Prime Minister. Rrrrrowr! Mamacita! I’m sure I’ll be long dead before we get such a babe-o-licious President of the U.S. (I know some folks find some of our guy Presidents pretty hot, but, alas, I don’t swing that way).

Anyhoo, guys, gals, of either man-loving or woman-loving persuasion, WHO, in your humble oppinion, would you like to nominate to the Top Ten (or fifty, or whatever) list of Hottest Heads of State (or other significant govt. posts)?

Choose wisely!

(P.S. I know looks aren’t everything, it’s what’s inside that counts, brains are what matter in our leaders, etc., etc. so-on and so-forth. This thread is deliberately frivolous. M’kay? You don’t need to tell me to get my human-worth priorities stright. A’ight? It’s good, clean, brainless fun here, dig? Thank’s for giving me the…eh…benefit of the doubt and all that. Now, unpucker and have a ball.)

I pine for the Prince of Asturias. I can’t believe he married that hussy. Doesn’t he know he should be with me? I mean, I know she’s a Spanish national, and Asturian, and a first-language Spanish speaker, and famous, and attractive, and female, but surely twue wuv should count for something…?

Princess Ardala.

From that Forbes list, Queen Rania and Marina Berlasconi, and #100 Mary Callahan Erdoes certainly are fine morsels.

Dude… it’s HRH the Princess of Asturias!!!

She damn fine! :eek:

Although she’s not as shiny as she once was, I’ve always thought Princess Stephanie could come set on my throne.


I’ve seriously got the hots for Mayor Gavin Newsom. His wife isn’t too bad either.

Queen Raina – oh man.


Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas)
Rep. Stephanie Herseth (D-South Dakota)

Yulia looks pretty good with her hair down, too.

She is totally my type: Fine, feminine, healthy features, elegant, an air of reserve but inner warmth, highly intellegent (doctorate in econ), successful…oooooh…time for cold shower…

About 1300 photos, most available in a good size, of Ms. Tymoshenko.


Stephanie Herseth is cute! But she looks like she just graduated from college! Must almost be weird to see such a fresh face in the House.

Can I admit a certain amount of admiration for Koizumi-san? Not only does he have the world’s best political hair, but my old Japanese professor once told me that Japanese housewives watch their version of C-SPAN all day for him, and they all buy their husbands whatever he’s wearing.

Feh, he ripped his hair off from Canada’s Minister of Foreign AffairsPierre Pettigrew.

I scanned that site but didn’t see the photo I was hoping to find. It was taken February 3rd or 4th of this year, with her accepting a large bouquet of roses after her appointment as prime minister. I saw the photo in the Chicago Tribune so I’m assuming one of the large international news agencies took it. She was holding the roses close and smiling, and I was struck by how lovely the photo was. Of course I can’t find it now, even after Google image searching and so forth.

As for handsome global leaders, I’ll nominate the Ukraine president, Viktor Yushchenko before his poisoning. Scroll down that page about halfway to see a before/after comparison.

Not a head of state but I find Massachussetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healey easy on the eyes (I’ve seen better pictures of her).

I really hope that guy can get at least a little better. You’re right: He was a very handsome man. While looks aren’t everything, to have been so maliciously scarred, and thus have a natural gift stolen, would certainly make me feel quite unjustly victimized and damaged.

Great suggestions overall, BTW. We could make a “Heads of State” pin-up calendar, perhaps?

Can historical hotties play, too? Anna Comnena’s The Alexiad isn’t known for being a titilating read, but the Crusader warlord Bohemund of Taranto seems to have ruffled even Anna’s stoic composure. She was about fourteen when the Crusaders arrived at her father’s court in Constantinople, but even decades later she still recalls Bohemund in vivid detail.

"Now [Bohemund] was such as, to put it briefly, had never before been seen in the land of the Romans, be he either of the barbarians or of the Greeks (for he was a marvel for the eyes to behold, and his reputation was terrifying). Let me describe the barbarian’s appearance more particularly – he was so tall in stature that he overtopped the tallest by nearly one cubit, narrow in the waist and loins, with broad shoulders and a deep chest and powerful arms. And in the whole build of the body he was neither too slender nor overweighted with flesh, but perfectly proportioned and, one might say, built in conformity with the canon of Polycleitus … His skin all over his body was very white, and in his face the white was tempered with red. His hair was yellowish, but did not hang down to his waist like that of the other barbarians; for the man was not inordinately vain of his hair, but had it cut short to the ears. Whether his beard was reddish, or any other colour I cannot say, for the razor had passed over it very closely and left a surface smoother than chalk… His blue eyes indicated both a high spirit and dignity … certain charm hung about this man but was partly marred by a general air of the horrible… He was so made in mind and body that both courage and passion reared their crests within him and both inclined to war. His wit was manifold and crafty and able to find a way of escape in every emergency. In conversation he was well informed, and the answers he gave were quite irrefutable. This man who was of such a size and such a character was inferior to the Emperor alone in fortune and eloquence and in other gifts of nature."

Mind you, I actually trimmed this down from the full-length description. Anna goes on for about four or five pages about Bohemund’s eyes, shoulders, chest, arms, and any other part of him she managed to get a look at.

Was it this one?