House 10/5 open spoilers

The team has to treat an African official who has done some unsavory things.

Not just any African official…James Earl Jones.

WTF is up with Chase uglifying himself into looking like an unwashed bum living under a bridge? I’ve given up expecting much from life, but I did look forward to my 15 scattered minutes of viewing the formerly beautiful Chase once a week.

Also, I hate African genocide used as storylines.

I think Chase looked hot . . . for the very first time. Plus, we got to see a little more of his skin this time, if only for a second.

Interesting episode, mainly because it seems to have repercussions in future episodes as the previews seem to imply. Which is nice, since it would be kinda hollow for Chase to just kill a man and walk away from it- as the POTW RARELY dies on House… So that’s kinda a biggie.
Also, I was amused by the “Lymphoma!” on the shutters. Seemed a very… Heath Leger’s Joker-ish thing to do.

So did anyone else ever thing that James Earl Jones’ killer was his bodyguard/2nd in command dude that was with him throughout (whoever he was)?

I guess Darth Vader had to die for genocidin’ his Tusken Raiders, er African countrymen.

Loved the storyline with House, Wilson and the cranky neighbor. The genius cardboard box solution was awesome.

Froggy better watch out for crocs!

It is genius, but it’s the genius of V.S. Ramachandran, not house.

I thought the storyline worked pretty well in this episode. I liked the patient challenging Cameron to kill him herself. It was pretty cheap of Cameron to tell everyone she didn’t care whether the patient lived or died. House called her on her BS first, and then POTW did a much better job.

Damn you’re quick. I was going to post this.

I knew what House was going to do from the moment his neighbor told him he had a phantom limb.

Though the mirror trick doesn’t really work in one shot. And it works better on patients who haven’t had a phantom limb for that long. Wilson’s neighbor had his for 38 years or something. It’s likely that the box mirror would only have relieved some of the pain but not all of it. Not that any of this really matters on the show.

Speculation on future episodes, including MAJOR cast spoiler from the gossip sites:

So we know Jennifer Morrison is leaving the show - I have a feeling it’s going to be through this storyline. I suspect she’ll find a way to take the fall for Chase, but some people are also speculating that Cameron wants to be a mama, so she’ll just leave the show as a stay-at-home mom.

Disclaimer: No African dictators were harmed in the filming of this picture.

James Earl Jones was awesome. He just dominates anything he does.

It will be very interesting to see how the whole thing with Chase plays out.

I hate the Foreman character. He’s weak, boring, and too often wrong. Good taste in women though.

You know, Coming to America had been on this weekend, so when I was watching the episode, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, things have really gone to hell in Zamunda.”

I liked this ep. too, especially the intensity between Chase and Foreman towards the end.

Chase does need to wash his hair, however.

How did Chase grow such a prominent beard in less than a day?

Amen. It wouldn’t bother me in the least if he just left the show.


That pufferfish kind of face House made when trying not to speak during the diagnosis was the cutest goofiest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Yeah his pantomime bit was funny :slight_smile: