House 3/21: Fall from Grace

A homeless man with horrible scars has a disturbing secret.
Cuddy tells Wilson how guilty she feels about dumping House.


I did not see that coming.

There was no reason to see it. It wasn’t foreshadowed at all. Sort of the opposite of a deus ex machina, but similar in effect. At best, it was a Jar of Tang.*
*“My God. All this time we’ve been living in a jar of Tang!” <cue musical sting>

OK that was very cool! However my DVR cut off immediately after Amber Tamblyn walked in, asked “what’s up?” and the the big surprise was revealed. Did I miss anything after that?

Well, that…was interesting. I think I’m finally warming up to Taub, he looked adorable carrying that satin pillow.

So medical doctors can be granted the power for one day to legally marry couples in New Jersey or did I miss something, again.

There was the scene with Masters where he talked about “terrible, terrible” things he had done. And the bone fragments in his digestive track, which no one tested to determine what kind of bones, but why should they?

I was confused by that also and I live in NJ.

The ending was kind of random but they did indeed give hints in hindsight (sort of). The bones he ate; his confessions of doing evil. etc.

Danny was missing, FBI was there looking for “clues”. Danny turned out to be a serial killer that eats his victims, wanted in 13 states for 10 murders…Then my DVR cut off. Right after Taub said “and we saved him”

As Chase once studied to be some kind of priest, maybe he was eligible for some reason…

I figured it was an internet ordainment.

Chase attended a seminary, which according to Wikipedia, prepares you for ordination.

I guess TPOW really was a bad person. Masters is going to have to work really hard to stay optimistic about humanity after this one.

As for next the spoiler for the next episode (in three weeks, dammit!):

So it looks like 13 has been in prison. Can’t say I was expecting that.

Who’s Ferris Bueller? WHO’S FERRIS BUELLER?? I feel old now. I did like the doctor’s explanation as to who he was.

He’s a righteous dude.

Yep, it ended there. Maybe you missed the preview for the next episode, which is also revealed above.

I wonder if Danny will return? It’s pretty creepy how he latched on to masters.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Do you guys think it’s over with Cuddy?

Actually, wasn’t it 13 murders in 10 states? Because it would be pretty difficult to commit murders in more states than there are victims. He would have to kill at least one person in each state to be wanted in that many states.

I can’t believe I’m the first person mentioning this. The PotW was played by Chris Marquette who played Adam Rove, Joan’s boyfriend on Joan of Arcadia, with Amber Tamblyn playing Joan. And the ongoing theme of Joan of Arcadia was God telling Joan what to do, even when it made no sense to her. That explains all the religious talk in this ep.