House 3/8: Private Lives

Far from it.

They showed all of the women sitting at their tables, not talking to anyone, and preening for the men. Then they showed all of the men hanging around the bar, looking like predators. In reality people would just be mingling, like at any party. If the women were at their tables like that, they wouldn’t be preening, they’d be talking to each other.

And the women showed were all kind of weird. In reality, the women that go to those things are pretty normal and datable. (I’ve heard that that’s not always so for the men. Since I’m told that, I most be one of the normal ones.)

And giving results out on slips of paper at the end of the night? Maybe that’s how it was done in the past, but these days everything is computerized and very discreet. You get your matches by logging on to a web site.

But I guess that wouldn’t make for good TV.

I presume they just packed his face with makeup, gave him a wig that hid most of his face, and used a fuzzy lens. As was mentioned up-thread, he did have a part as Puck in Dead Poets Society, but everything shown in House was probably shot for the episode.

Actually, didn’t Chase lose the bet? I thought House bet him that he (Chase) would get more phone numbers than House or Wilson even if he acted like a jackass. I also thought Chase said something later in the ep about being out $100.

yeah but his acting a dumbass was an effort to win the bet. ultimately though, he did lose the bet.

I agree with ArchiveGuy.

I dislike when they take a stereotyped patient of the week, and make them showcase for some discussion. This was the worst yet. Another terrible one, was the porno actor patient. Also, all the patients are the same now. Low key and reflective, just talking about different stuff.

I wasn’t too happy with the delayed diagnosis storyline either, but I did enjoy the ribbing–“Be not afraid!”

Found the ep enjoyable, but lightweight.

But back to this DVR issue. I’ve been experiencing this more and more frequently. Do I have to tape the show before and after every show I want to watch? Aargh!

I routinely tape X:58 to Y:04 for shows I care about.

Is it really impossible to tweak times with a DVR? If so, may my VCRs live for years!

I’m able to set my DVR to record up to (I think) five minutes early and three hours (!) after scheduled times. I have Cold Case set to record an extra half hour because of the stupid delays that routinely occur due to afternoon sports broadcasts. I’ll tweak other shows if I notice that they tend to run over. The problem is that there’s no way to know in advance if that’s going to happen, and setting every show to do this causes a problem if I’m recording two shows on different channels in the hour after the one I’m tweaking, because the DVR reads that as a conflict (it can only record two shows at a time).

I use Windows 7 Media Center. I set the record option to 5 min before and 10 min after every show. The setting is very flexible and can be set, IIRC, to any arbitrary time before/after.

That said, it sucks that Mrs. Call wants to record “the forgotten” immediately after. The program’s logic is to start recording that show 5 min before, which means when watching Lost it cuts out 5 min before the ending. After recovering from the gasp I utter each and every time, I then remember the remainder of Lost is now the beginning of “the forgotten” and have to switch.

If you have a crappy CableTV or DirecTV DVR, then get a real TiVo! Nothing compares.

As one who’s been recording House for awhile now, you always ALWAYS have to pad the ending by 1 minute!

DirecTV DVR’s can be told to start 1, 5, or 10 minutes early and end the same increments late.

I guess I’ll have to see if I can figure out whether my system allows this, and if so, if I can figure out how to do it.

It’s very easy with a Comcast DVR. There are actually two options for this very function, up to 15 minutes early for starting and 2 hours late for ending a recording. Assuming there are no conflicts with another recording.