House 3/8: Private Lives

Blogger needs treatment.

Speed dating for House–and probably for Wilson too.

I laughed out loud at a number of points at this EP. Wilson in a porno. Heh.

The DVR cut off as House and Wilson were getting off the elevator. My girlfriend is going bonkers because she didn’t know if House learned anything.

So, what happened?

As a satyr, too. Reminded me of the play (he played Puck, right?) within the movie Dead Poets Society. Made my laugh even heartier.

Happened to us too - hoping someone can answer this!

House never learns anything.

I’m pretty sure the only thing that you missed was House telling Wilson that, in the book, when House got past the God, there was just more God.

Wilson theorized that House was reading the book because he felt alone and wanted to know if his biological father thought like him. House replied that after he got past all the god stuff there was only more god stuff.

And Chase did the speed dating thing too! And deliberately acted like a dumbass to win a bet, LOL! The only thing is, it fell a little flat because everyone was commenting on Chase’s awesome good looks, all through the episode, and ever since he lost the pretty hair, he now only has average good looks. He lost weight and his neck looks skinny; the hair is butt ugly; what IS that scruffy stuff on his face?; and now I’m not so distracted that I don’t notice his bad teeth. He’s gone from a 10 to maybe a 7 in my sole opinion. Still funny, though.

Be not afraid!

Another great ep.

House is a natural at speed dating. He can size up everything there is to know about a potential date in well under a minute. Which is probably why he never dates.

I kept waiting for Laura Prepon to say “Eric Foreman? You’re not Eric Foreman! Eric is a skinny white dude from Wisconsin!”

I have to say I hated this ep because of all the stupidly wild liberties it took with the already highly unlikely situations.

What does this girl blog about? It doesn’t look like anything special yet she has fans in Singapore? Why is it in movies and TV programs that every blogger has their own giant mystery audience, when most bloggers are simply talking to themselves in the vast emptiness of cyberspace? Oh, and remember that every blogger is some nutcase, obssessed about their lives online and incapable of dealing with normal human relations in a measure of reasonable proportionality. Ugh.

And then Wilson’s porno storyline was just dumb dumb dumb. In a world that must have hundreds of thousands of porn movies out there, House just happens to come across the exact 20-year old one that features his best friend and roommate? There aren’t enough rolleyes in the world to handle such an absurd and contrived scenario.

House may strain credulity on a regular basis with the medical stuff, but this was just lazy writing that yielded very little beyond the cheapest of payoffs.

“Worst Episode Ever!”–CBG

And there was a giant poster of Wilson’s movie above the door of the hospital. Cuddy yells for someone to take it down. :slight_smile:

I thought she came across as pretty normal. I know a lot of people who are able to open up more on the Internet than they are in “real life.” The thing that made me want to smack her is that she could have gotten the plastic heart valve and adopted.

Were we supposed to believe that was a coincidence? I assumed House did a little snooping into Wilson’s past and then sought it out.

The second 70’s Show alum to guest star and still no mention of Eric Foreman.

I’m waiting for the rest of the cast to show up, with Topher Grace appearing last for a Newhart type ending…

I felt the same way.

As someone who has done the speed dating thing a few times, I cringed at their depiction of it.

No way! Chase may not be my ideal mate but if he showed up on a blind date I have a hard time believing that most women would be dissapointed. He’s obviously handsome - I think moreso with the short hair ('cus I thought his long hair was dumb).

Why? Too close to the truth or too far from it?

Too many women (or men) blurting out “I’m on FIRE for the Lord”!, LOL! ?

Yeah, I’d definitely say that the show has run out of steam and is searching for material. I’m not ready to drop it yet, though.

Does anybody know where the “Young Robert Sean Leonard as a Satyr” shots came from?