House 5/10


Oh no… we’ve gone full into House and Cameron sitting in a tree… though it was a nice touch having House being mocked by it. Though having House falling for Cam is grating on me. Is this the way they make House into a more symphathetic character?

At least he gets his little ‘too-honest’ speech at dinner about Cam needing to latch onto the damaged case.

They are playing it like nothing more is going to happen, but come on… we know what’s going to happen, especially with the final speech by the dominatrix.

Bleh… at least they brought the actor that plays Wu on Deadwood in as the parents of the patient.

I don’t want to see a relationship between House and Cameron because …

he’s mine!!! cough er … damn his oh, so deep blue eyes!

However I do think a romantic relationship between them would be too awkward and potentially soap opera-ey and that’s not why I watch House.

Exactly… I want House to be ascerbic… not lovey-dovey.

Though next week it seems the old love is back trying to get House to save her husband. Fun, Fun!

Who was the actress who played the dominatrix? She looked really familiar, but I can’t recall what I’ve seen her in before.

I also thought that Peter Graves as the horny old guy was pretty funny too.

I would think a relationship between House and Cuddy would be more entertaining. :slight_smile:

The actress who played the dominatrix is Christina Cox. She has done many guest spots on TV, and she co-starred with Vin Diesel in the much-maligned Chronicles of Riddick.

I remember her from the TV series based on The Crow.

Since I didn’t start watching this show until a couple of months ago, I look forward to seeing more about House’s past.
And of course, I’ll need to see all the repeats in the summer too.

This wasn’t as strong as some other eps, though it had some good moments.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have … pus.”

Very good episode, I think. And if this were any other show, I’d be extremely worried about the possibility of a romantic relationship ruining it. But this is not any other show, and if you didn’t think so you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Honestly, I still expect some major curveballs (off in the distance, Cameron can be heard saying, “I hate sports metaphors”) on the romantic front. How can we not with Sela Ward joining the cast? No, this is not over, not by a long shot. The fat lady has not even left her seventh-floor 8th Ave apartment with the busted peephole to head for the theater yet.

Last night was my 2nd show. Its a must watch now.
When did it start? How many episodes have I missed? Are we nearing a season finale?
I always seem to be half a season behind on any network shows.
Anyone else notice the hint of “Marty Feldman” eyes on House. I think thats part of the reason its difficult to take your eyes off him.
I think the writers will play with the romance angle for a while. If they ever “hook up” in any meaningful way, a lot of the story’s mystique will be lost.

Great show!!!

I’m really digging the House/Cameron relationship, if only for the reactions of everybody else. You have Wilson egging House on to get laid, and Foreman predicting complete disaster. It’s fun. Of course, Wilson cautioning Cameron in an effort to prevent her from hurting House was kind of surprising.

I don’t think House was ever NOT going to be sympathetic at some time. It’s difficult to sustain interest in a complete jerk, you need to like him and identify with him somewhat.

I had to answer the doorbell when House conned the parents into showing up for consent. Anyone want to recap what that conversation was (I caught the “dumplings/lowblow” comment at the very end).

Oh, and if you like Christina Cox, then you definitely have to check out this

The hamsters ate my beautiful reply:

  1. There should be 2 more new episodes

  2. House browbeat the parents into allowing the surgery by telling them that the shame they feel over having a son with such a lifestyle would not be as great as the shame he would give them by going all over their city and telling everyone that they let their son die instead of allowing him potential life-saving surgery.

Of course, he didn’t need the surgery.

Line Of The Week:

Patient: “My gynecologist died. I’ll miss him…he has such warm hands.”

House: “Not anymore.”

Excellent show all right. Some time after it started I rerad the actor (shame on me, can’t think of his name right now), is a Brit. Ever since I’ve been carefully listening for just one slip of a British accent, but haven’t caught any. That in itself is quite a feat, besides being such a fine actor.

Did you see the episode where he was trying to fool someone on the phone to get some information and he did a British accent? I wondered if that wasn’t closer to his normal speaking voice.
And he may have big Marty Feldman-ish eyes but they are such a pretty blue. sigh Stop it! :smack:

Hugh Laurie. See him in some other roles here.

And here.

And here.

Casting him in House was one of the biggest castings against type ever. The only thing that could have been a bigger one was if Tobias Funke got the part. :wink:

Every so often, I expect him to say something mind-numbingly stupid about how his socks keep disappearing or his college Tiddley-Wink Society.

Re: the episode. I’m wondering how they’re going to resolve the tension between House and Chase. Something has to give there, soon.

Well, he was cutting Chase a little bit of slack towards the end, after Chase made a couple good calls. So long as Chase was just a doofus, House treated him like one. I think it’ll all settle out in the long run.

But… but… that’s how I got interested in the show! Cause House is jerky (though he obviously cares about healing people/diseases/whatever)!

And I reaaaaally don’t want to see the cliche drawn out will-they, won’t-they thing. It’s fun ribbing House about it, but I don’t think I want to see it for the next 3 seasons. Then again, the quickness in dealing with the Vogler issue may bode well for quickly resolving that.