HOUSE question: why are Chase and Cameron back on the team?

I saw a snippet of an episode in which Taub left because “he wanted to work with House,” which is obviously bullshit. And I also saw, in a different snippet of that same episode, that Foreman fired Hadley because apparently having a supportive girlfriend is too hard on his self-loathing. (And I expect he was genuinely surprised that she immediately dumped him, as that would be in keeping with the general idiocy of the characters, but I was unable to continue watching as I am insufficiently masochistic.)

But why did Chase and Cameron return to the team? Did they lose a bet with God or something?

Actors needed new yachts?

I mean the in-story reasons. And your mother wears Army boots.

Chase is attempting to punish himself for killing a patient. Not accidentally.
Cameron still has the hots for House, of course.

Both of them have deep seeded issues, which should be worked out with a doctor in an entirely different field that Senior House, MD.

Is Cameron leaving the show for story reasons or because the actress wants to leave the show (must be hard working with your ex, but I Liked Chase and Cameron together).

I’ve heard conflicting reports. Early articles said it was her choice; more recent ones indicate that she didn’t know why they wrote her out.

She’s left “the team” before and never actually departed the show. I wouldn’t cross her off your scorecard just yet.