Mundane and pointless.

A friend who’s a Travel Nurse and her husband landed in Seattle. They spent a few days in Vancouver, BC and came to my place yesterday for a visit. They got hassled at the border (both ways) because they didn’t like that he’s a ‘house husband’. I gave them a quick tour of the area, driving down to Birch Bay State Park, and then we stopped off for Mexican food on the way back. They liked it. They’d brought Sicko with them, so we watched it last night. Wow. It definitely supported my socialist beliefs.

I put on some McCann’s Irish Oats and dried cranberries before bed, and it was ready for breakfast. She doesn’t like cereal, so she had toast with avocado. I had some oatmeal and some toast with avocado and Vegemite. She said she’d tried Vegemite a long time ago and didn’t like it. She tried some more this morning and decided she did like it. He tried it too, and said it was good.

We watched the first two episodes of Coupling and had some laughs. In a little bit we’re going to go to Bellingham to poke around and have some lunch, and then they’re on their way to Anacortes.

It’s nice having friends over.

Yeah, they’re good peeps.

My friend Shar was one of those effortless houseguests. At the time, she was living a nomadic tree-planter’s lifestyle, living out of her van during planting season, stopping by our hometown to visit family and friends before taking off to her family’s cabin for the winter. She’d give her family an ETA 2 days after she would arrive at my place to decompress.

I’d let her do whatever art (clay modeling) or craft (willow work, batik) she was into at time. She was free to make her own chai, or cook whatever she was craving. I was happy to have someone else cook me a meal. I’m also not at all artistic and I tended to be drawn into the process of her crafts, becoming quietly observant.

More than anything, she loved that I didn’t fill up every moment of our visits chatting up a storm. That was her mom’s job.:wink: