How are men supposed to apply sunscreen at nude beaches without, you know

One of those “Questions you always wondered but were afraid to ask”

But how is a man supposed to apply sun screen to his penis without getting an erection? I know at nude beaches you can get thrown out or arrested for sexual activities, so how does that work?

Apply before you leave the house.
Or you bring a sheet, pitch a tent and do it in there.

Probably not a good idea To apply it, imho.
Just like trying to tan my breasts didn’t work, I got red bumps.
There Is such a thing as spray-on sunscreen.

It’s not the end of the world to get an erection at a nude beach. Humans are human. The problem is sexual behaviour, or having an erection that is obviously tied to your interactions with another person. (Yes, I’ve had an erection at a nude beach, and yes, it was noticed, but everyone including me ignored it and it went away on its own.)

Speaking as someone who owns such a body part: it is entirely possible to touch, even to apply something to, it, without generating that sort of physiological response.

Seeing naked people whom you find attractive would be more likely to cause an erection, as @Dr.Drake notes.

Wear pants.

Where in the heck did anyone live, in what life did someone think it was smart to think that sand would feel nice in certain cracks and crevices on the body.

You know what you did. Go to your room!

I did. Where do you think I got the sheet from?

I’m pretty sure that @Asuka has been around long enough that he can’t be a teenager any more… and most of us, once we’re past our teen years, take a lot more than one single rub to get erect.

Need answer fast?

Is this an east coast thing? The nude beaches (2) that I’ve been to in California are public beaches, and there is no-one around with the authority to throw anyone out. These were adult beaches (by common agreement, no regulations) not family nude beaches, if there are such things.

What? Guys don’t, ahem, “clear the pipes”, in the parlance of our times, before going there? But yeah, I would apply at home, before heading there, if I were ever to go to such a place.

Oh god, I don’t want to imagine what it smells like.


Doesn’t it burn sensitive skin?

Everything you ever wanted to know about sunscreen use in the nude.

I’m sure there’s a great future in porn for anyone who can get erect by a mere touch to their dangling software. Just don’t audition by sending unwanted photos of this disorder.

If you use it regularly, it gets tough…

I understand. Thx (:no_mouth:)

I thought the OP was asking about nudists.