How can I improve my bladder's stamina/endurance?

I swear I have the smallest bladder in the world. I’m wondering if there are any ways to somehow increase the length of time between urinating - which I guess would mean increasing the amount it will comfortably hold.

Any ideas?


Squeeze and hold…squeeze and hold. Hold like you are trying to cut off the flow…release.

It will strengthen the muscles that hold your bladder closed.

If you are male,
Lots of SEX
Lots of orgasms
Repeated ejaculationing is more fun than doing Kegels.

If you’re a man, have your prostate checked. An enlarged prostate can reduce the flow of urine, preventing the bladder from completely emptying.

Go see a urologist. Sometimes, it’s not that the bladder is small, but that you are unable to empty it. If you have room for 750ml, and you can only pee 300ml, it seems like you have a small capacity. A urologist can measure what you pee, and with a sonogram, measure what you retain. Treatment for prostate troubles is not as scary as it once was; you have more options now.

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I know about Kegels, but I don’t think they actually improve the amount your bladder can hold, OR the length of time one can go between pees.

Thanks though!

Kegel exercise can only strengthen the PC muscle, not increase the size of one’s bladder. There isn’t a non-surgical way to increase the size of one’s bladder. AskNott’s advice is good–you could be retaining urine. How often do you urinate? How much at a time? I’m an OB/GYN RN and many women don’t drink enough because they don’t like urinating more than once or twice a day, but otherwise, they are most likely buying themselves a dandy UTI or a lovely case of pyleonephritis.
Drink a lot (64 oz.) and pee a lot!

You really don’t want to hold off on peeing, as that will put you at risk for bladder infections. I just got over one myself, and the Dr. told me that is one of many reasons bladder infections happen! So, pee when you need to. Don’t put if off!

Believe it or not, drink more water.

I try to drink 64 ounces a day. My bladder seems to have extended to hold more. Sometimes I go the whole workday without peeing, which I know is not good, so at lunch I visit the bathroom whether I feel the need to or not.

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