Sex Q: Can Peeing and Holding it make you last longer?

As far as a man is concerned: (and Ive never heard of a female with such problem)
I have heard that if you have problems lasting as long as you want, that you can get better by peeing and holding it - then release, then pee then release… (feel the burn). This is supposed to acording to hearsay, exorcise the muscles that close off whatever valve there is in the member… making them stronger.
Eventually you can last as long as you want.
So is this just a myth or can it work?

…and I am just asking for a friend…

Can you not edit a post when you realize you wrote something incorectly…?

I meant to say … Pee , then cut off mid stream, then pee then stop, then pee…ect…

Where is the edit button?

Sounds like you’re describing the Kegel exercise, which supposedly makes sex more enjoyable and helps stop urinary incontinece (and if that ain’t a win-win I don’t know what is). Never heard of anyone doing it while urinating, though.

While urinating is the method to first get a feel for the muscles involved. For those who aren’t too capable of controling their muscles mentally. But once you have a feel for the muscles that need to be exercised there is no need to practice while peeing.

It can be a bit hard to explain the muscles you need to clench to properly Kegel. Saying “notice which muscles you use to stop your urine stream” is a good, intuitive way to explain it.

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Well…kegels alone aren’t going to turn you into a tantric master capable of lasting for 18 hours or anything, but yes, they have been known to help.

Warning though: the “ooh baby I want you all night long” thing is a horrible myth perpetuated by porn. Women (most women) don’t want you pounding away at them for more than a hour, tops. And that’s if it’s really good. After that, we start to chafe and tear, even with artificial lube. Sometimes, those moans are moans of pain!

It can work if your expectations are reasonable and you avoid drugs and alcohol. Sex while intoxicated leads to either premature ejaculation or never being able to “get there” in the majority of circumstances.

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WhyNot: *. Women (most women) don’t want you pounding away at them for more than a hour, tops. *

An hour!??! Lordy, sister, you musta got you one of those new titanium linings or something. I wouldn’t want somebody continuously churning my butter for longer than, say, ten to twenty minutes. If they do a good job in other respects, that should be plenty for best results.

So fear not, fishquail, the goal is attainable. Your friend’s goal, I mean.

Or, according to Pravnik’s link;

I prefer the pee, stop pee approach :dubious:


Special occasions only. As I said, " And that’s if it’s really good." Maybe we should emphasize that part again!

Vaginal sex just isn’t designed for women. For most women, it doesn’t feel all that great, honestly. The vagina is equivalent to the scrotum, sensory-wise. Would you be able to orgasm with nothing but a woman (or man, if that’s your thing) doing nothing but rubbing your scrotum? Maybe a few men might be able to, but most wouldn’t. Same thing for women and vaginal sex. (I’m one of the lucky ones who orgasms with vaginal. Maybe that’s why I can tolerate it longer than most!) Oral, digital (the fingers digits - put the camera away!) and other creative methods should be used to bring her to climax before you ever think of “churning her butter” (love that phrase!)

Think of it this way: If you’ve whipped her cream, the butter’s all yours. Be as quick as you like about it, 'cause she’s just waiting for the dairy to close so she can mop up and go home!

Wow, missed that part. That’s a government domain, too. Do the powers-that-be know they’re advocating people putting their fingers up their butts? :smiley:

I remember Dr. Ruth and more recently Sue Johanson sharing a technique to help with the aforementioned problem.

This Link to the Squeeze Technique might help your friend.


The advice is only to do it ONCE while peeing, to find out which muscles are used.

Interrupting the flow of urine on a regular basis (and you’re ideally supposed to do 10-20reps, three times a day) is not a good idea.

Some people have been known to run into problems with the “starting up again” part…urinary retention is not a fun thing.

Ya, good luck trying to stop my pee - I’ve never been able to. Do I keep trying, or what? Do other people have trouble with this?

Another way to get in touch with the correct muscle groups requires a hard on. Once achieved use the muscles to wag your willy try first with a feeling of squeezing your anus shut, but later try to wag without moving anal muscles. Some manual halep may be needed in keeping hard as a soft dick is difficult to wag.
When skill is gained try sending semaphore messages to your girlfriend :wink:

So much for the inteligent design arguments…:wink:

And you’ll find yours in your local dairy case!


Aren’t the muscles used to stop the flow the same ones that you use to squeeze out the last few drops?

As a kid with bedwetting issues that recurred just before puberty, I was advised by my doctor to do the pee-stop thing. Now, after around fifteen years, I still do it out of habit. No problems other than the occasional overspray upon resuming. I probably should stop doing it.