What the heck takes most of you guys so long at the urinal

I’ve noticed a trend. Frequently I go to public bathrooms. Esp after about 1h train ride. So I go over to the mens room and find a line. It moves ok but I think it should move faster.

I get to the head of the line and wait - one opens up. I go over do my business and about 1/2 the time finish before anyone else does - and they were all pissing before I started .

What are all these people doing that takes so long? Maybe I just don’t have the same quantity of urine? Maybe mine comes out faster? I really don’t know. Is there an avergrge time for a man at a urinal? Am I missing something? - Perhaps urinals have some indicator lights that let you know when you may leave - if so where are they?

Three possibilities:

-More people “hold it in” longer than you do, and as such, have more to piss out once getting to the urinal.

-You have incredibly powerful bladder muscles, and thusly can expel urine at a far greater rate than normal men can. Use this power for good, my son.

-They’re just standing there, taking advantage of the opportunity to admire their own penis. Heck, I would.

  • They’re making sure they’re finished dribbling before tucking it back in?

  • With the preceding for an excuse, they’re playing with it.

I don’t know how old you are k2dave, but the dribble factor kicks in 45-50. Something to be considered when wearing khakis, no sweat with navy blue.

Other folks apparently need a moment or so for the lines to open, so to speak.

Many guys (myself included) have what is referred to as a “Shy Bladder”. This causes longer stays at the urinal because if you have this condition, it makes it difficult to urinate freely and/or easily.

The more interesting thing to notice would have been just how many guys washed their hands after pissing?

My bladder isn’t shy, but the older I get, the slower the flow. I’m 38, but I’ve been noticing this for several years.

So SPOOFE (or anyone) are there really “bladder muscles” that squeeze the pee out? Would I benefit from sit-ups or Kegel exercises?

Some of us wizz in the morning, drink two liters of coke at work, have some beers for happy hour, and finally feel the need to empty the bladder for the second time that day. Since we have more to dispose of, we take longer. When I start a new job, it usually takes people a few months to realize that I rarely, if ever, use the restroom at the office.

My friends say I urinate like a Russian race horse, whatever that is supposed to mean.

If it kicks in when you are 37, then it is fully in when you are 57.

Just you wait, just you wait.

Some of us might say that our urine has a longer distance to travel than you. :wink:

:smiley: Could it be possibly that some guys are checking others out to see who wins the metter test …or they might just be waiting for u to leave so they can get back to playing around… :slight_smile: some guy really go there to score…so next time think about that when ur at that rest stop in the middle of no where :slight_smile:

Maybe you just have a small bladder and have less to work with.

Who uses urinals? Do you want to show your wang off or peer at some other guy’s wang?

I piss in the stalls standing up.

Why, yes, yes I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if you’re gonna ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to… :smiley:


They are trying to be the last one finished so they don’t have to wash their hands.

According to Cecil, yes there are and yes you would.

Some of us not only suffer from bashful bladder, but what I call Ronco Bladder: the “But Wait, There’s More” bladder. It’s not a dribble problem so much as a really full bladder that gets tired when it’s about 90% done. So I stand there, wait another minute or so for the muscles to get a second wind, and find I have to pee more.

So far it hasn’t got worse with age. I’ve had it as long as I can remember.

I wasn’t aware it was a race.

<insert obligatory comment about having to take time to tie it back around the waist and tuck it down the pants leg.>

You tuck your belt into your pant leg?

I’ll never forget being 18 and a camp jr. counselor one summer. I went out to the cabin’s back porch to spring a leak and a couple of 7 year olds lined up on either side of me. I started first, a nice respectable stream pointed down at a 45 degree angle when all of a sudden… “whoooshwhooosh” these little squirts fired off simultaneously. I swear they had both rocked back on their heels and had to take a step to keep their balance.

I’d be thrilled to even get that 45 back today. Like Ringo and others mentioned, the dribble factor eventually kicks in, rendering Mr. Happy as vigorous as that little wooden flue hammered into a Maple tree.