How DARE You Burn Our Ginger???? FUCKER !

Okay, gloves off since this isn’t MPSIMS now. Anyone who would play such evil loathesome shit upon the life and spirit that is our dearly loved GingeroftheNorth deserves to suffer the death of a thousand evil souls.

He deserves to be humiliated and eviscerated. He deserves to never again ensnare a woman who is strong enough to let herself trust.

Mr. Beef, you are shit. You are the loathesome spooge that drips from pustules. You are an infection. You are a specimen of life that doesn’t belong on this planet.

Ginger is a person of rare spirit. Beloved here as so many are, her concerns are our concerns. You wound the Doyenne of Da North, you wound The Straight Dope.

I for one wish nothing but relentless painful days and sleepless nights, wasting disease and agonozing injuries that are badly tended and become necrotic upon this wretched excuse for a penis-toting homo sapien. Let the Furies be unleashed, let you writhe in torment, you sorry-asssed mother fucker.

And, let us say, Amen. :mad:


I’ve been away for the weekend. How’s about a link?

Um…I’ve been sick. Not a clue. Cite, please?

Ginger Gets Burned



Yous want I should send Guido and Vinnie her way?

Might I humbly suggest that, rather than a pile-on, we leave this matter off the board inasmuch as is possible? It might only serve to re-injure wounds if things get ugly, and I know none of us wants Ginger to be hurting any more than she is now. I only hope this doesn’t have some opposite effect than that with which it was originally designed.

Yeh. Youse call my payphone from yourse payphone. We’ll talk. Also, did you take care of dat thing? Not the weekend thing, dat other thing. You know. The thing???

I’m not hurt, punha, but thank you for the concern. I’m just mad. Extremely angry.

Cartooniverse wants to do exactly what a friend does in such instances. He wants to hunt the fucker down and inflict grievous bodily harm upon him.

Yeah. Da thing. No mess. No worries.

Just for you as a favor from the Family…

I like the idea if mob justice better, that way we all get a piece of the action. So gather your torches and pitchforks, let’s kick this guys ass!

Die, Fucker!

You’re kidding. You’d have to be. I mean, it sucks. And stuff. But it’s just a boyfriend. Sure, he lied. And stuff. It happens to everyone, probably more than once. Otherwise we’d all just live happily ever after with the first person we meet. And, really, how fun would that be?

Yeah, but Afghanistan’s too far. This is better. I get to open up a can of whoop-ass justice and see Canada at the same time. Good deal.

There are little inaccuracies caused by deliberately open replies like ‘me seen a female naked?, you mean woman do that sort of thing?’ Then there are lies that stink like a long-drop in the middle of summer, (you know he ones with the horse fly maggots on the seat and the health warning a mile away ('cause the inspector wont get any closer)). Name, date of birth, three pages of criminal convictions, sure rate up there along with species (doh, he seems to have got this one wrong as well) as things I expect people to be up front with before I get involved with them.

Oh and Ginger that is one of the worst cases I have ever had the misfortune to hear. I would offer to fix the issue myself (but being a little smaller than either Vinnie or Guido), You’ll have to settle for a stream of mean nasty thought directed at one ‘Rancid Steak’

Boy, won’t HE be surprised when half of the SD posse shows up at his front door, ready to bust a cap. Sheeeeeit.

Now, now fellow Dopers. We should be nicer than that. I would suggest a collection among us to provide Mr Beef with a vacation in the islands for this winter.

Since most of us cannot offer a large amount, I’m afraid that we will only be able to provide him with a one-way ticket (cargo-class). I’m sure that he won’t mind, because I’ve alway heard that Ellesmere Island is lovely at this time of year.

Why, I bet one could hide a body in that place and no one would ever find it! :wink: Why on earth would you be suggesting that we send him there? :wink: [sub]Psst! Count me in! I think I’ve got some friends that would be willing to “handle” the situation, if you know what I mean.[/sub]

No, no, no send him there alive. Let him try to find his way South [sub]if the polar bears will let him[/sub].

Note to self; don’t piss Detop off. That’s cold, man, cold. I think that’s too far north for the polar bears.

Nanuq is too smart to eat a cockwrench like that. They’d get oogy all over them.

OK then, the cold will do him :D.