As many of y’all know, GingeroftheNorth and I have fallen deeply in love. Last time I was visiting, it happened. We were indescrete, and I discovered that I am pregnant, thus we must get married so that our puppies don’t bear the lifelong stigma of being bastards.

Since we met here on the boards, we’re throwing the wedding open to all interested dopers. I don’t anticipate any problems with numbers, but if this winds up aproaching DTF numbers we may have to cut off the number of people invited at that point. Anyway, here’s the info:
Date: Saturday, July 27th, time not yet determined, but most likely in the evening.
Place: Rockfield Manor, Bel Air, Md.

All interested dopers should reply here, and also by e-mail to

Oh sure, you’re pregnant. You’ll do just about anything to one-up Airman Doors wond you?

Congrats on the impending nuptuals and the impending fatherhood. While I can’t give you any pointers (I’m not the world’s best) I can tell you how absolutely cool it is.

I don’t know about the wedding yet; thanks for the invite.


I sure hope I can make it. Dunno yet for sure; I find out my work schedule for the week … basically every week.

Well, I knew you’d hoped for a relationship with some continuity to it. :smiley:

And I wouldn’t miss the wedding for anything. :slight_smile:

Ummm, punha? It’s not until July. Doesn’t that leave you plenty of advance notice to request a couple days off? Just a thought…

Anyway, I won’t be there. Have fun.

Well, since none of my plans are currently coming to fruition, I’ll have to say I have no idea. However, that is at a slow time of the year for us up here, so mayhaps we’ll be able to come crash … I mean, come and visit for the lucky couple.

Congrats again, y’all!

Now, RT, no making fun of Dave’s spelling. That’s my job.

Of course I’ll be there, since I’m in the wedding. I’m going to be a bridesmaid, which is a little disappointing; I’d hoped Dave would ask me to be his best man.

Wow! That is just terrific. I’m such a sap for a good old-fashioned love story-er-well, a good love story, anyway! :smiley:
So can I have a puppy?
Hey-any chance of a streaming video version so we can all tune in?

Nobody is pregnant. Least of all Dave. I’m thinking that, were he pregnant, it would be something other than puppies that we raise, anyway. At least, I can hope, because I’d hate to be allergic to my own babies.

Maryland? Ugh. If it were Alberta I’d give a definite maybe. Heck, I’m even planning on taking time off around then.

By the way, Congrats!

Why don’t the boys back home look like that?

Congratulations on setting a date, and on the impending nuptials. I’m sure I’ll notice a glow, Dave, when I see you next weekend.

At this time, I doubt I can make the festivities, though.

Well, I’ll have a talk with JustPlainBryan and see what he says. I think I’d still like an invite even if we can’t make it (so it can go into my scrapbook).

Can’t guaruntee it yet, but I’m putting it on my calendar and will try to make it if i can.

I am so happy for you both…and I happen to be on vacation at that time, so if at all possible I will be there.

Good golly, all these weddings! :slight_smile:

Much Love and ::huggles::


My best man was a woman. (She still is, for that matter.)

Hey, guess what?

I’ll be back from Tech School by then. :slight_smile:

Methinks I’ll have to come. And if some things come to pass, Robin might be able to make it as well. We’ll see on all accounts.

While Airman may be back from tech school, his son is due August 4, and considering he’s a bit on the large side, it’s not likely I’ll last till then. So, even if I’m in Pennsylvania and within driving distance, I will not be able to make it, unless you want me going into labor at the wedding. Airman, for his part, will be on a pager or cell phone at that point, and he may have to jet.

Oh, and Weirddave, do you know what you’re having and when it’s due? :wink:


You know I’m going to try my damndest to be there–if I can get someone to watch Miss Thing for a couple days. Say, there is that “Dad” guy running around here somewhere…

Actually, by that time I will want nothing more than to get out of the house for a while!

I meant the baby is on the big side. Dave, being an adult, is expected to just hang out and be of moral support.


how would a non driver get there? is there a subway stop?