How did you propose?

My man is the best. He went with our names and put a wedding ring in each ‘o’ of our names. Romantic dinner.

Added to that was ‘One love’ He had a guy playing the U2 song.

The setting was in Thailand but the whole thing was so beautifully though out.

How did your loved one propose?

He just upped and asked me. I should have waited, as less than five years later we divorced.

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My great-grandfather the cop told this woman she’d been seeing for a while “if I get married, my youngest brother gets out of doing his military service, will you marry me?”

Different set of great-grandparents; they’d met once and absolutely hit it off. “Do they even notice the rest of the world still exists?”-level hit it off. Her mother disagreed with the pairing and destroyed the letters he sent from college. Ten years after first meeting, they ran into each other in the street and the world went away again. I understand there wasn’t so much a proposal as a certainty.

My Dad gave Mom a speech along the lines of “my love for you is infinite, so even if you don’t love me, infinite/2 is still infinite and that means our love is infinite too… will you marry me?”

My brother told his now-wife that, since her parents refused to pay for a necessary part of her education (even though she’d embarked in it at their urging), “if I’m going to pay for someone to prepare her residency entrance exam, I want to be doing so for my wife, not my lives-in-another-town-girlfriend”.

Not sure how my other brother has finally managed to convince the girl he’s been after for about 12 years to say “well, ok…” (no wedding date set, but they’re talking about maybe having children), or whether her biological clock suddenly rang and she decided he looks like he’ll make a decent mate, but apparently it requires him to improve his cooking skills.

I told my husband I wanted to get married on a Monday. He said OKAY on Tuesday. We bought the rings on Wednesday. I bought a dress on Thursday and got married on Friday.

We had the most unusual marriage.

He died 6 years ago, I miss him very much.

How about using your Windows 95 screensaver (you could type a message that would scroll across the screen) to do the asking on your behalf? Oy. But I said yes. Divorced 5 years later. I think, although am not certain, this may be the lamest proposal ever.

Previously, I was proposed to by a guy I was not even in an exclusive relationship with! after 2 months of dating. Took me to a very nice restaurant, and did a one-knee proposal sans ring. I was 19 years old. To my credit, I did not laugh at him, while I was thinking he can’t be serious, but very gravely replied that marriage was not in my immediate plans, although he was very nice and a great guy. Did not go out with him again. Heard through the grapevine that he was not heartbroken for long, finding a more agreeable fiancée within a few months.

Current husband organized a very nice Christmas brunch to introduce our families, after we’d been dating 6 months. Proposed a champagne toast, and whipped out the ring and asked me in front of everyone! Both our mothers were pretty chuffed to get to “witness” the proposal, and hey, there’s even photos of it! I wouldn’t change a thing about it. We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year.

Her: “We should probably get married.”
Me: “OK.”

Harumph! What do you mean by “The setting was in Thailand BUT the whole thing was so beautifully thought out”? :mad:

But as for the wife and me, no one proposed. All the way back in Hawaii, where we were both grad students, it just became assumed at one point, and neither of us can say where that point was, that we were going to get married.

“So…you’re pregnant?”

I said “Wow, that’s a huge hospital bill, let’s get you on my insurance ASAP!”

He said “Yeah, we’re we going to eventually, okay.”

I got out of bed butt naked and asked on my knee. Not the sort of proposal you tell your grandkids about but it’s lasted over 30 years.

Yeah, that was us. We would have gotten there at some point, but it made up our minds for us.

Its not a very romantic story so brace yourself. We are a practical, connect the dots type couple.

Him: “Im moving to [another state] in June. Do you want to go with me?”
Me: “Sure” [wasnt doing anything important at the time anyway]

18 mos later:

Him: “We should probably get married.”
Me: “Ok”

So there you have it. 17 years later: still the same. No excitement but stable.

As in attention to detail.

I asked my dad once over dinner how he proposed to mom. He said, “Well, I said ‘The hell you are!’ and the next day we OUCH! WHY DID YOU KICK ME?”

For the record, my older brother made his appearance after their 3rd anniversary.

Similar here. We’d been together a few months, were at a city park one Sunday afternoon relaxing side by side on the lawn. I verbalized the thought that popped into my head: “You know, we should live together or get married.” She said “Yeah” (which is what she often says when I’m right).
So we up and got married a couple of months later. That was 44 years ago, and it looks like it just might last. Life is good. Despite all the little stuff.

Since we started as a together couple, and then moved into long-distance before moving back together again, I thought it was only appropriate to propose in the place we visited most often, so I gave her her ring on a moving walkway in JFK Terminal 5.

I… might know you in real life. But probably not. Lots of people in the Bible Belt decide on it that way, right? Edited To Add: ah yes, I see there are two others in this thread alone, never mind then.

My husband and I met on eHarmony. In my profile, which was created late at night while half drunk, I had included a few words of Prufrock.

So my soon-to-be-husband took me out on the deck after dinner one night to look at the stars, and started to recite Prufrock from memory. He got through “drop a question on your plate,” then said, “Let me drop a question on your plate.” Then he showed me the ring. The inside of it says “There will be time”.

Him (while he was sitting at the table watching TV with me and just talking late one Friday night): “Remember that marriage thing we talked about?”

Me (while I was sitting on the couch watching TV with him and just talking late one Friday night): “Yeah?”

Him: “Set it up.”

That was 11, almost 12 years ago.

I think in our case it was also the heavens moved, the angels wept, the fireworks, it wasn’t a decision as such it was a mutual understanding so yes.