How do I contact a moderator or administrator

From the user agreement:

If you’re not sure whether a link is appropriate, contact a moderator or administrator before posting it.

How do I do this? I have a question about sexual mechanics that I am not sure I can post or what forum to put it in…

There’s a link on the bottom of the main page labeled “View forum leaders”, it has links to email the staff.

As a thought, I gather that there are people (guests, lurkers, the erroneously banned) who cannot access the “contact forum leaders” box. (I’m not logging out or requesting a momentary banning to check this out!) If that’s the case, it might be worth while to post the e-mail addresses somewhere in ATMB (a sticky thread?) in a searchable form that would be clear to such people but will not be “harvestable” by spambot spiders – something like “Tuba Diva at ay-oh-ell-dot-com”

It’s already in the FAQ.

At the bottom of any forum, there should be Moderators’ names… clicking on that, should allow you to email the Moderator.

Alternately, a REPORT BAD POST button in the appropriate forum will allow you contact a Moderator. You can say that you’re just using that to get in contact, there’s nothing wrong the post.

Sexual mechanics? Is that like automechanics?

OK, look, if it’s something that would have an answer, it’s probably GQ.
If it’s something on which there would be multiple opinions, it’s probably GD.
If it’s just plain disgusting, go to MPSIMS, Cajun Man gets hazard pay for working there.

He get’s hazard pay? What are we, chopped liver? You told me all he got was a raincoat when I signed on. :smiley:

Do you really want to moderate I got carnal with my Hoover Dustette!(maybe TMI)

I didn’t click on that link, I swear.

Started the thread, if you were curious what I actually wanted to ask

Happy posting!

Yikes! How much would THAT cost!? If my car’s cooling system costs $987.00 to fix over 3 weeks…