How do I get an invite printed in Braille?

We’ve got a wedding coming in December and have a visually-impaired relative whom we’d love to give an invite in Braille. Any ideas who could do that for us?

Braille Wedding Cards

That is one link, there are a lot of sites out there. Also, I think you could contact Lighthouse for the Blind at:


Hope this helps.

If you live near any kind of large community, there will be agencies that work for and with the blind that should have braillewriters. I’m sure they would do so gladly and cheaply for a single invite, since the thought is so good.

Ms Seenidog would be more than happy to do it for you. Simply email us and we can make arrangements to get one of the invitations, emboss it and get it right back to you. one day turnaround, two tops. No charge.

Wow! That’s very gracious. Just tried sending you an email via your profile, but the thing wouldn’t let me. Just drop me a line when you have a second:

straightdope -at-