How do I get my email address back on Facebook?

I used to have a facebook account, maybe ten years ago. Turned out I didn’t use it much, and not at all for about five years. Now I need it again to access something.

The problem is, I can’t sign in. When I go to sign in with my gmail address (which I’ve had ever since gmail started) it greets me as “Susan Povey” and says I’m using the wrong password.

Well, Povey isn’t my name. I’ve complained before about getting email clearly meant for other people who have entered the wrong (i.e. mine) email address on some website or other, and Povey is one of those surnames. It looks like Ms. Povey has somehow managed to change BOTH the password AND the name of the account holder associated with MY gmail address.

When I tried to create a new account, using my gmail address, I just get back into that HI SUSAN POVEY loop. :frowning:

How can I fix this?

You don’t.
Just move on - get a new email address, and a new facebook account.

What happens when you try to reset the password?

Damn. I’ve already got three other email addresses, but they’re for different purposes: work place, financial business, and strictly family & a couple friends who might as well be family. Don’t want random social media crap popping up in any of them.

So… who’s the best provider of free junk account addresses these days?

I tried that. Then it told me the account had been … disabled? Something like that. Apparently Ms. Povey has been a Bad Girl and had multiple accounts. (Yeah, mine and whatever hers really was.)

You can make as many gmail accounts as you like. I get zero facebook notifications to my email, so it really doesn’t matter what email you actually use- just turn off email notifications.

Have you tried going through the process for compromised accounts?