How do I post a new thread (like my own)



You just did it here.
Could you be more specific.

What’s your thread like? There’re a lot of options.

Just in case you’re wondering which forum it should go in, and have no good clue about that, just start it here and some cheerful mod who’s been sitting on her/his thumbs just waiting for something to do, will happily move it to the correct forum.

Unless it’s clear to you what sort of replies you’re hoping to get, just go with the default “anything goes” forum of Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

Then just do what you did to get this one going.

Can I ask a question?

Again, you just did!

Okay, this is too surreal for me so early in the morning. More coffee and hopefully, understanding to follow.

Just what are you trying to do exactly?

That’s not the OP. I thought it was, too, but it’s not (unless the OP) started up a new username.

The OP:

No! That is completely against the rules.
I’m just in for a goofy comment every now and again, not rule breaking.

How do I quote a post in a reply?

Will the OP see my reply if they’re not online when I post it?

What happens if I click on “Post Reply”?

It may work best if you jerk the power plug out of the wall.

Your cup of coffee, Madame.

Looks like a weird day ahead.

What does Quick Reply do? What happens if I type in the box and click “Post Quick Reply”? Also, how is babby formed?

I lol’d :smiley:

How do a make the font larger?

Where should I post if I have questions about this message board?

A wink is as good as a nod, say no more, say no more

Sorry but it’s just not possible to do what you’re asking with the version of the software they’re using for this board.

Be nice if they upgraded to allow for quoting, but don’t hold your breath.