How do I post a new thread (like my own)

All that stuff is easy to figure out. What I need to know is how to join this board.

I’m all out of glue and nails.


Duct tape?

How do I include smilies like :stuck_out_tongue: and :wink: and :rolleyes: in my posts?

That’s easy. What I want to know is how to make text red.

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Services For Hire.

What would be really cool is if we had some sort of grape color.

As long as you don’t circumcize anyone.
I wonder, is the OP from the Bay Area by chance?

Can posts be longer than 140 characters? I’m not sure I can get my message across in that short a space. I want to make sure I’m understoo

{tap, tap} Is this thing on? Hello?

ETA: How do we edit our posts once we’ve submitted them?

How are we supposed to submit our posts so we can edit them?

Some day.

How do you solve a problem like Amiera’s?
“How do I post a new thread (like my own)?”
The answer to the OP is as clear as:
You’ve already done it! You’ve posted this thread! You’re done!

How do we edit our posts before we’ve submitted them? I don’t see any options for that!

Rio, by Duran Duran

See subject.

I just registered for the forum so I could respond to this post. Now if someone could help me find this thread again so I can respond to it, that would be most helpful.

Help, I'm stuck in this box.

Help, I'm stuck in this box.

>Well, how did you get in?  Oh, crap, now I'm stuck in here, too.