How do I save Favorite Places and addresses?

I am technically impaired ( and craft impaired and cooking impaired, but I digress.) We are going to give AOL the boot this month and I want to save the aboved mentioned to a disk so I don’t have to write it down for our new ISP, Netzero. How do I do this?

BTW, whomever recommended Netzero on here, thank you very much! We are now going to be rolling in the dough here by $21.95 extra a month.

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I haven’t used AOL in a while (it was probobly me who recommended netzero), but I was wondering how you’re enjoying netzero?
I love it, but others complain about the ad. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I hardly notice it at all anymore. I’m interested in your take.
For those not familiar, netzero is a totally free ISP-
download it and try it- it can’t hurt. They don’t even ask for that much info.

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Boy, if anyone has a good quick way to do this, I’d love to hear it.

Here is the slow, cumbersome way that I did it once. (These instructions are for PCs running Internet Explorer, not Macs. PCs running Netscape Navigator take the same steps, but I don’t remember the names of the folders where Netscape stashes their Bookmarks.)

From AOL, open up your Favorites folder.
Click on the first site you want copied.
Click Modify.
Highlight the URL, then press Ctrl + C.

Now, minimize AOL (not the favorites window, but the AOL screen, itself).

Click Open My Computer
Click Open the Windows folder

Click File
Click New
Click the type Shortcut.

When the next window pops up, put the cursor in the Command Line text area and press Ctrl + V.
Click Next
(Now comes the big decision: If you can type the “name” you want for the site faster than you can execute the following directions, then just type the name in the Select a name for the Shortcut text area. If you type as slowly as I do then :slight_smile:

Click on the AOL-minimized button at the bottom of your screen.
Highlight the “name” in the AOL “Modify” window and press Ctrl + C
Minimize all of AOL, again
Put the cursor in the “Name” text field and press Ctrl + V

Click on the AOL button (maximizing AOL), and click on the next favorite you want to copy, got to the @@@@@ above, rinse, lather, repeat.

(You do not need to minimize the Favorites window while you do this, minimizing/maximizing AOL should be the only screen you need to play with.)
If you have organized your favorites in AOL into separate folders, you can add a step, above, to open a folder within the Favorites folder, then open that folder to place your favorites in.



After the following line:

insert the final instruction:
Click Finish

C’mon folks! Someone has to have a better way to do this than I did.