How do I say I do not take bs from anyone

Workplace advice. How do I say I do not take bs from anyone in a professional way?

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I use “I don’t buy your story”

I want to make a general statement about myself. Not a specific thing about someone else.

What exactly do you mean by “bs?”

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Attitude and demeanor gets the point across more than telling people what you are.

Behave on the businesslike and no-nonsense side of things and you will see a lot less b.s.

Stand around talking about how you don’t take b.s., and nothing changes.

get right up in their face and give them “the evil eye”
that way, you don’t have to say anything
and if they complain, they wind up looking like a weirdo
because you can claim you didn’t do anything

I agree. Telling people you don’t take any bull shit is a weird and aggressive thing to say, unless maybe you’re a corrections officer or something. Sometimes there isn’t a way to say something professionally.

I’ve never had a problem with people bullshitting me professionally. I never felt the need to warn anybody about it… I just be myself and everything works out fine.

Just say: “I don’t suffer fools gladly.”

I think people are seriously underestimating the power of “the evil eye”

A tasteful t-shirt on Casual Day?

Don’t dish any out, to minimize any adverse reciprocity effect.

The best way to say you don’t take bullshit is to actually not take bullshit.

What bullshit are you being offered?

Just look them up and down with a look of contempt shake your head from side to side and walk away

The usual workplace BS.
I have a new Team leader who is amazingly incompetent. I need to explain to him how I function.

Offer to take it outside during next break and settle it there.

you prefer this method to “the evil eye”?
i like the evil eye
i like to give people the evil eye

I gave my wife the evil eye. Once.

I’m interested in fostering an environment of cooperation & communication so as to enhance professionalism and productivity. Part of this plan involves de-emphasizing attempts on other peoples’ part to confuse or obscure business process and practices.