How do I sync up my Google Phone's calendar so my mother can see it?

Okay, when I uncheck Local@Phone/Phone Calendar, all the events that I’ve put on my Google Calendar app disappear, leaving me with just my birthday and paydays and such.

How do I make it so that Local@Phone is visible on my Google Calendar for my computer, and then, how do I share my calendar with my mother? I’m getting awfully tired of talking it through manually every Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know about the synch thing. But as far as being able to share your colander, I think the only work around would be to log in on one of her devices and stay logged in.

But then she’d have access to your Gmail which you may or may not care about.

No good; I don’t want her to have access to my Gmail; just my calendar.

Oh I just found it. On desktop go to settings, permissions settings, manage family. (All this done from the calendar page)

I’m not seeing Permissions Settings.

I’m only seeing language and region, time zone, world clock, event settings, notification settings, view options, events from Gmail, keyboard shortcuts, and offline.

You have to do it from your general “Manage my Google account” settings, not the Calendar settings. Family settings should be at the top of the page under “People & Sharing.” If you don’t have a Family set up you can do it from there (“Create family group”).

From the calendar page;

Upper right hand corner hit cog
Click settings
On the left hand side of the screen click “family” under “Settings for my calendar”
Now in the middle screen click “manage family” under permissions settings

If you don’t already see your mother there, you can send her an invite.,

Okay, I’ve sent her an invite, but my Local@Phone calendar still isn’t syncing.

Okay, she’s able to see the stuff that I manually copy from Local@Phone to my Gmail calendar; is there a way I can do a massive transfer, or do I have to go one event at a time?

Related — there should be a setting where the calendar details are hidden. So for example instead of seeing Dinner and movies with Racquel on Friday night from 5pm to 9am Saturday :slight_smile: it merely says Busy.

I think it’s a global setting for all events, and it can also be set for any particular event. A guess; am not certain.

From the main calendar page, on the left-hand side under “My Calendars”, you should be able to click the “…” menu next to the calendar name to jump to that settings page.