How do pronounce wheelbarrow?

inspired by a incident at Home Depot. Do you have a “wheel borrow” huh?? she says? “wheel borrow” huh? finally I say it wrong “wheel barrel” oh yeah Aisle 10.

I’ve always heard it as wheel borrow but spelled barrow.

when did people start calling it wheel barrel?

Bonus points if you can explain the word origins of barrow and why it has a wheel.

Wheelbarrow here, never wheelborrow.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Around here it’s spelled ‘wheelbarrow’ and rhymes with ‘Where oh.’ Never ever said “borrow” as in “sorrow.”

“Wheelbārrow,” like it’s spelt.

Isn’t barrow and borrow prounced about the same? you roll the “rrr” sound a bit more in barrow like barr-ah vs barr-oh but they are close. Especially if you say it in a hurry.
There are many people that say wheel barrel. I have No idea why. Home Depot lady sure knew wheel barrel.

Rhymes with “narrow.”

There is no such word as “norrow.” Or “wheelborrow.”

Wheelbarrow rhymes with Steel Arrow.

I’m somewhere between “barrow” and “burruh.” But definitely not “borrow” or “barrel.”

Here’s the Merriam-Webster approved pronounciation - [Click Here](<span%20class%3D"unicode">ˈ<%2Fspan>hwēl-<span%20class%3D"unicode">ˌ<%2Fspan>ba-(<span%20class%3D"unicode">ˌ<%2Fspan>)rō%2C%20<span%20class%3D"unicode">ˈ<%2Fspan>wēl-)

Just like it’s spelled - barrow.

So you have a little accent affecting the proper pronunciation, which you know, so it’s as good as saying wheelbarrow. Anyone who thinks it’s actually pronounced wheelborrow, must not get out much, since that’s also just some accent.

But for someone who says wheelbarrel, can you read?

Also, a barrow is some kind of box, not necessarily on wheels. In To Sir with Love, one of the students feels he doesn’t need much education because he’ll get to work his family’s barrow, a street sales stand.

Another vote for “steel arrow” pronunciation, but I can say that I have seen home-made wheelbarrels.

Don’t know if there really is such a thing, but cut a wine barrel in half, bolt on some wheels and handles and there it is.

I pronounce it the normal way, like it’s spelled.

Side note: I always pick either the dog or the wheelbarrow when I play Monopoly. In the unfortunate circumstance that they’re both taken, I have to settle for the car.

I think I may have pronounced it “wheel barrel” when I was 6, when I would ask my grandfather to give me a ride around the yard in it. But then I learned how to pronounce words correctly. Wheelbarrow (wheel arrow, not wheel sorrow).


What?!?! Everybody wants the car.

I make sure to over-pronounce the “h.”

That’s a crazy family you’ve got there!


Desmond is credited with naming it. He had one in the marketplace because he bankrolled Molly who was a singer in a band. He put a big wheel on it to reflect his stature in the biz.

I hate to admit it, but my hick upbringing means I say wheelburrow as you would say if you were talking about a critters hole in the ground. Oddly enough I do say barrow for the two person hand carried cart that most people would call a litter if they even know what to call the device.

Oh I missed the bonus question barrow has it’s root in the Old English word for basket, a barrow is a cart or similar to a litter,that is carried by two people. When you add a wheel and reduce the required manpower by 1/2 you get the wheelbarrow.