How DO these characters get laid as often as they do?

Otherwise known as the John Dorian Award nominations.

John Dorian, best known as JD, is of course the main character of Scrubs. In the first place he looks like this; moreover, he is childish, selfish, narcissistic, cowardly, dorky, untrustworthy, self-doubting, venal, manipulative, needy, frequently stupid, generally incompetent, and probably in love with is married male best friend. Nevertheless, Aphrodite is looking out for him, for over the course of the series he has had sex (or at least made out) with her, her, her, her, her, her, and her. (All pictures safe for work.)

Which brings us to the thread question: what TV & movie character have improbably high rates of romantic success given their personalities and/or appearance?

This is the mysterious power known as Kavorka:

Fonzie on Happy Days: he’s short, not particularly good looking, lives in a 1 room garage apartment, is not terribly bright and only semi literate, etc…
Brian on Queer as Folk- he’s certainly good looking, but not traffic stopping drop dead gorgeous by any means and he’s a self-obsessed overly cynical bastard to people who meets.

I started a “Sitcom Syndrome” thread once and one of the disorders was the “It Must Be Pheremones” syndrome.

Not so much “getting laid” as getting all the attention: Loni Anderson on WKRP. Again, very certainly attractive, but hard to believe men would just lose their power of speech and wet their pants when in her presence; Ishtar she ain’t.

PS- Zach Braff has those “personality” looks, meaning that he’s on the fence looks-wise so personality pushes him one way or the other. If he had a sparkling personality you’d notice the cute things, if he has a bad personality you notice the not-cute aspects. Since the character is a nebbish it’s hard for me to see him as attractive (and at least per tabloid gossip the actor is a total a-hole).

The little gay boy in me thinks 70s Henry Winkler was quite cute. Plus, Fonzie has super-powers, which makes up for a lot; not only was he the sure winner of any fight, but he had magic pheremones. I still maintain that only Lori Beth was immune to his power. (He loved Joanie like a little sister and so never tried it on her, and everybody knows he was doing Marian.)

In other words he’s a warlock date rapist.:smiley:

Previous thread (3 years ago) mentioning pheremones and TV characters.

Yeah, you can’t count Fonzie in with the others. Anyway, he was mostly doing teenaged girls and fallen women, in other words, easy pickin’s.

Remember the one time he dated a grown woman and it was a BIG DEAL. I can’t remember what all happened, but I think he might have even gotten a good job and a nicer place to live.

And Fonzie was hot. Dorian is not.

Mock not the Fonzarelli, for you are are crunchy and taste good with syrup.

I don’t mean that Fonzie used his magic powers to make women sleep with him against their will; I mean that his supernal prowess is what made him sexy.l

Many of the women he bedded, while hot, have just as many personality defects, if not more so: Elliot is JD in drag; Jordan, though incredibly hot, is not a woman I would ever want to be around; Danni, is even worse, but not even hot; and Kim didn’t even tell him she was pregnant with his son. He may be hitting the looks jackpot, but is still pretty bankrupt on personality.

How is he venal, by the way?

Elliot’s even worse than JD…at least JD’s able to act like a grownup when doing his job…at least to the point of not using phrases like ‘icky-sticky’.

How does George from Grey’s Annatomy, who is whiney, neurotic, and looks like one of those sad-eyed kid paintings all grown up, sleep with Meredith, Izzie, Callie, and the VD nurse?

Drew Carey on “The Drew Carey Show” had a rather higher-than-believable number of absurdly hot girlfriends.

I still think John Dorian’s the champ, though. I don’t care if Elliott Reid is neurotic; you don’t have to spend time with the horse after you ride it.

George on “Seinfeld”–in every other episode, he had an attractive girlfriend or girl he was seeing.

For what this straight male’s opinion is worth, I think Dorian’s really hot!

Larry from “Three’s Company!”

Yes, but she’s quite hot, as opposed to JD who is, at best, not an Orc.

Clearly they all believe he’s gay and are trying to “convert” him. It’s like Love in Action, only with blow jos.

Okay, this is a sidetrack, but can I get some help identifying these lovely ladies? I know…

  1. Sarah Chalke
  2. ???
  3. Heather Graham, obviously
  4. ???
  5. Apparently Elizabeth Bogush, who I haven’t heard of before.
  6. ???
  7. Keri Russell

No problem. #2 is Krista Miller, who plays Jordan. #4 is Elizabeth Banks, who played the surgeon unlucky enough to be knocked up by JD. #6 is Amy Smart, who played Tasty Coma Wife, with whom JD had sex AT HER HUSBAND’S FUNERAL. (Well, at the funeral home afterwards.) All of whom are evidence for my theory that most of the events on Scrubs happen only in JD’s imagination, and in “reality” he is living Doug’s life. (Doug being the idiot savant pathologist who is only competent at his job because he killed patients in every imaginable fashion while working in the ICU with Eliot & JD.)

I challenge this–he dated some of the most repulsive women I ever saw on TV, too. The daughter of the Unemployment clerk? Still makes me wake up screaming.

For what it’s worth, a lot of young women find Zack Braff very attractive. I was rather surprised to learn this myself, but it’s true. So I think there are a good number of women who’d say they’d be willing to sleep with JD because they think he’s hot.

Of course in real life Zack Braff is a celebrity and may seem more attractive to some women for that reason alone, but his character is a doctor and that can’t hurt. I’m not a regular Scrubs watcher, but I don’t think he was in long-term relationships with most of those women. I don’t find it implausible that a few attractive woman might think “He’s kind of cute, kind of funny, AND a doctor, so I’ll give him a chance” and then later decide he wasn’t worth it.

I’d second the nomination of George on Seinfeld. Some of his girlfriends were hot, others not, but he was rarely single for long. This despite the fact that he was a terrible person, kind of a tightwad, had bad habits, was short, bald, overweight, and badly dressed, had a voice that even he found annoying, and was often unemployed. Also getting involved with him meant having to put up with his crazy and incredibly annoying parents. So how did he do it?

George? How about Jerry Seinfeld?

Julia Louis Dreyfus (to save the friendship)
Teri Hatcher (They’re real and spectacular)
Jami Gertz (couldn’t spare a sqare)
Jennifer Coolidge (wouldn’t submit to forcable massage)
Courtney Cox (abused dry cleaning discount)
Janeane Garofalo (too much like him)
Christine Taylor (the loser)
Kristin Davis (toothbrush)
Amanda Peete (lived with a fella’)
Debra Messing (was a Nazi)
Marcia Cross (pimple popper)