How do you make classic barrel sour pickles?

Growing up in the NY area we always had these great delicious barrel sour pickles which were real tart and garlicky. Those of you who live in NY know exactly what I mean. You cant buy these in the average supermarket and they dont come in any form in the canned pickle aisle.

I am absolutely dying to make them myself as they are not available for purchase here.

I am going nuts since I have been searching the web for the recipe and this seems to be the ultimate elusive recipe! I have found recipes for Dill pickles, kosher dills, sour dills, etc… NOT INTERESTED! I just want to know how to make those amazing tart and garlicky barrel pickles.

Like you see here:
And here: (top right)

I tried ordering them by the 5 gallon tub, but they went bad too fast.

I am not interested in canning, I just want to make em and eat em.

Is there some kind of secret recipe book for professional recipes such as these? Where would I go?

Every site has all sorts of pickle recipes but this one. I am even willing to pay for this recipe should I get one that works!


Well, can’t say that I’ve ever had or heard of one (I’m from Boston), but searching on Google Groups turned up a lot of recipes. The people here and here seem to be discussing the same kind of pickle you are.