How do you put on a pullover shirt?

I ask because I suspect I am among a great minority in this regard.

And, at this stage in the thread, I am in a 100% majority. I guess there had to be a first time …

I’ve never figured out how you can do it arms first. The sleeves all bunch up becuase you had to bend your arms oddly to get them in. Plus, you lose the ability to turn the shirt and make sure the arm holes are aligned.

Heh. I just put on a sweater to get the sequence as I’ve never consciously thought about it. I do it this way every time: Left arm first, pull the head through, and then the right arm.

Yep, seems odd to me too when I think about it. No, I don’t know why I do it this way. So yet another poll with no option for me to select.

Even full-length sleeves don’t bunch significantly because you keep sliding them up your arms almost all the way. You don’t need to turn the shirt and align the arm holes (aligned with what?) because your arms are already in them.

Sleeves first, always. Make sure shirt is facing the right way, slide you arms into the sleeves so the body of the shirt is just above your elbows, arms up, head through, pull down the hem. With head first you have to burrow around feeling for the sleeve opening, the shirt tends to skew around during said burrowing, and it’s just kind of an awkward movement.

I step into them, but I like doing things the hard way.

Uh…neither way? I can’t be the only person who reliably manages to get both one arm (left, in my case) and their head though a sleeve/neck at pretty much the same time, right? I’m envisioning people pulling their shirts over their heads and only then trying to get both arms in the sleeves, but maybe I’m not picturing what the poll really meant.

Coincidentally, I keep thinking about putting up a poll for how you take OFF your shirts…pulling from the collar up, or flipping it over from the hem.
I put them on through the neck first…and take them off the same way. Although I might change that second part, because I think I cause excess wear (and holes) around the collar.


Whoa, much closer than I’d’ve expected.

What kind of enormous shirts are you putting on that you’ve got room to maneuver your arms after the shirt is on? Or are you all contortionists?

just like an ordinary person, ‘one leg at a time’.

To not mess up my hair or make-up, I very carefully put my head in first, then slide my arms into the sleeves.

I kinda bunch up the shirt so it is basically flat with a hole in the middle (for the neck). Put it on, then make sure the arms are lined up. Extend arms through holes, while releasing the shirt so gravity take it down.

Mission accomplished.

Sleeves first, then carefully over the head. Can’t be messing up my hair and makeup. :o

I once wanted to put on a pullover sweater when I was tripping on acid. I looked at it, and it looked impossibly tangled and complicated. However, I recklessly dived into it, and found, to my surprise, that I was wearing it.

I don’t think I know the answer to the poll.

Arms first, then shrug it over my head, typically.
Otherwise aren’t you armless and poking around looking for the sleeves?

I think I may do this sometimes if it’s a large, baggy shirt or something.

Over the head first, then left arm, then right arm. I guess this is how I was taught to do it when I was really little. Putting the sleeves on first just feels strange.

I don’t. I remove my arms from the sleeves and then take my head out of the garment last.

So, both methods work while preserving the make up and do?

Me too.

I put my head in first. Then I pull the bottom of the shirt out far enough not to get deodorant stains on it and put my arms in.