how do YOU shower?

according to this clip i found on-line, i am doing it all wrong.

the video (which should be safe for work - it shows people in the shower, but the woman ony from shoulders up, the man only from waist up) details the differences in how men and women shower.

upon entering the shower, this is a condensed version of what the woman does:

  1. wash face with apricot scrub
  2. wash body
  3. shampoo hair
  4. condition hair
  5. shave legs/pits
    upon entering the shower, this is a condensed version of what i does:
  6. shampoo hair
  7. wash body, shaving as needed while still sudsy
  8. condition hair
  9. wash face with apricot scrub
  10. rinse
    also, in the video, the lady is often facing the shower. me, i never face the shower. i only fully turn and face the shower when i am rinsing my face, and even then i think i only pivot.

so what do you do first? what do you do last? do you generally do things in the same order or do you mix it up? do you face the shower-head or face away from the shower-head? a heads up as to your gender would be illuminating, for the purposes of this highly scientific poll.

who herself just got out of the shower

  1. shampoo
  2. put conditioner in
  3. wash body & face
  4. rinse conditioner out
  5. stand under the tap for another 5 mins enjoying the hot water

I face away from the shower except when i’m ‘rinsing’ my face

I have got the fast shower worked down to an art.

  1. 2-in-1 Conditioner
  2. While that’s in my hair, wash body
  3. Shave, if needed (once a week–I’ve been blessed with slow growing, blonde hairs.)
  4. Rinse and done.

The face comes later, before I apply makeup. I can’t use scrubs because they irritate my skin.

Total time in shower: about 7 minutes, 15 if I have to shave.

I’m rather proud of this fact. My husband takes 45 minutes to shower. God only knows what he does in there!


Step in
Shampoo first.
Body Wash next

Wash, brush, shave, rinse, exit.

Female who faces away except for rinsing face:

  1. shampoo
  2. wash face (exfoliate)
  3. apply conditioner
  4. wash body (and shave, if desired)
  5. rinse conditioner and body
  6. scrub body with clean non-soapy washcloth


Step in, shampoo, slow 360 degree turn to wash all.
Then I sit, in lotus position, and let the water fall over my head as I quietly contemplate what I need to do that day.
Quite relaxing and it cleans my head, both inside and out.

For the record, I’m a guy, and I was a squid. So I take 5-minute showers and use the high-endurance hair AND body wash. Efficiency!

I always wash the hair first, too. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to wash the body and then have all the runoff from your head on your newly-cleaned body, does it? It’s like washing your car from the bottom up.

as a former squid, do you find long showers remind you of your former life in the ocean? does it make you homesick? do you avoid baths for this reason? do you ever regret giving up your tentacles? or did you retain them? are you using some other, alternative meaning of the word ‘squid’ of which i am unaware?
and i am fairly glad to see that most people so far face away from the shower and shampoo first. <gelfling> i thought i was the only one! </gelfling>

You were a squid? What does this mean?!! Squids are amazing and fabulous creatures, hence my interest.

ETA: per yams!! comment, you were INSANE to give up your tentacles. I’d give my right arm to have it replaced with a tentacle.



  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner (although I’ve been using 2-in-1 lately)
  3. While conditioner is in, soap body
  4. Rinse body and hair
  5. Use face soap to wash face and ears

Get out, and immediately shave. I’ve never been too into the whole shaving-in-the-shower thing. I’ve heard that some people even brush their teeth in the shower. Freaks.

I enjoy long showers (like 30 minutes) if I’m not in a rush. Most of that time is spent standing sideways to the showerhead with the water hitting the back of my neck. Pondering.

-Get in shower, facing shower head
-Turn off water and get out of shower b/c I now have to go to the washroom. Every bloody time!
-Turn on water
-Get in shower, facing shower head
-Shampoo, rinse, put in conditioner
-Rinse conditioner
-Body wash
-Lay down in shower and relax for a few minutes
-Get out


My brother does this - I think it’s gross.

My routine:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner in.
  3. Body wash
  4. Conditioner out.
  5. Shave if I need to
  6. Wash face
  7. Stand and convince myself to actually get out of shower and start my day.

Another good question is: am shower or pm shower?

(I’m an am-er - it helps me wake up).

Perhaps TheTyrant was once in the Navy? Otherwise, I’d appreciate him answering the question yams!!! posed.

I don’t shower, I bathe, so I totally do it wrong. I usually wash my face, then hair, then body, then shave.

But oftentimes I bring a book, so it’s like read, soak for an extended period of time, wash face, dry hands, read more, wash body, read and soak, get out, and realize I forgot to shave.


Shampoo hair.
Condition hair.
Shave if desired (usually every other day).
Wash body.
Scrub face (with apricot scrub, is this a trend?).
Rinse hair.

I believe I am more brief than most people especially if I am in a hurry. A normal shower would be.

  1. Get wet
  2. Soap face
  3. Soap body
  4. Shampoo
  5. Rinse everything

Total time elapsed would be 3 - 5 minutes although I like a long, lazy soak as much as the next person but I like sleep even more so I usually cut things close.

Teeth brushing = 1 minute

Shaving (I need to shave every day) = 90 seconds with a single-blade disposable razor. I have had issues with the gourmet shavers around everywhere these days about exactly what the hell they are doing that demands anything more than this. I count 7 long swipes at about .5 seconds each apiece with some smaller ones for upper lip and chin cleanup.

That should leave 3 - 5 minutes for getting dressed which is more than enough.

Ah, my apologies. Yeah, I was in the Navy. So a “shower” meant standing in a stainless steel phone booth. Water on, get wet, water off. Lather up. Water on, rinse, water off.

If we were on the surface or at periscope depth rolling to and fro in particularly rough seas, you have the added bonus of consciously trying to avoid touching the walls and whatever foul things your shipmates may have left there for you. =O

I always promised myself longer showers once I got out, but just never got out of the habit of keeping them quick.

  1. Shave outside the shower.
  2. Step inside and wash hair and condition if it’s not two-in-one.
  3. Wash body with body wash.
  4. Possibly use apricot scrub if I actually care enough that morning.
  5. If I’m in a bad mood or tired, sit and let the stream hit me until the hot water runs out like DMark.

I’m a guy and generally face the shower head the entire time.

There’s nothing wrong with brushing your teeth in the shower! It saves time!

  1. Wet hair, shampoo hair.
  2. Rinse shampoo out, condition hair.
  3. Put face wash on.
  4. Soap up, wash soap off.
  5. Brush teeth.
  6. Rinse face wash off, rinse mouth.
  7. Enjoy the hot water and tingly feeling on my face from the face wash.


Oh and I generally face the shower head unless my back is sore from working out and I need the hot water to loosen my muscles.

I wash my face/brush teeth before getting in. If I’m washing my hair, I shampoo first (I have a two in one shampoo/conditioner). Then I soap up, wash all over. I usually face the shower. No need for shaving in the shower–I wax.