How Dope Is YOUR House?

How many Dopers are there in your household?
Three in ours, all current posters-me, My Beloved, and our housemate.

Four. I am the lone dope® in mine.

I’m the only poster but my wife reads the dope and we’ve hosted 3 or 4 Dopefests in the past. We only seem to have 2 of the books, I thought I had 3. I probably loaned one out and forgot. I also have a coffee mug.

Both of us are Dopers but Library1900 is more of a lurker. He’s taking part in the Celeb Death Pool for the second time but never posts anything. I’ve been into the Dope since I found the first book back when I was in college. That would have been '89 or '90.

Just me, but I relate threads of interest to her.

I’m the only doper, but my wife and daughter have gone on a couple of Dopemeets with me.

Three. My daughter and I post sometimes. My husband reads occasionally, but doesn’t post.

2 here. I am the sole poster, but do share Dopedia with him.

100% Dope. Well, the cat doesn’t post, but she has been featured here many times. :slight_smile:

How many in the household are actual posters?

My spousal unit joined and posted a few times many, many years ago, but he prefers his Harley message boards. I share items of interest with him, so he gets some dope that way.

Just me. TheKid has attended a few dopefests and asks about certain posters, but as far as I know, she doesn’t post here.

Just me. There’s Madame Pepperwinkle, Princess Pepperwinkle and her fiance, Sir Longsword, their child The-Greatest-Guy-In-The-World, and me. I do have a 1920’s Death Ray, though.

Just me. The dog and the cat that I’m serving do not post that I know of.


1/1 Dopers here.

I am also straight, and a bit of a dope, so do I get extra points?

Just me. The spousal unit knows all things Dope, but has only posted a bit forever ago when it had to do with my health. He doesn’t read either.

I dope like I drink: alone.

My wife posts on here occasionally.