How many Dopers in your household?

How many people in your abode post to this message board?
I’ve got three: My Beloved(aka Rahne McCloud), roomie Cerridwin and myself.

Just me, as far as I know. Of course, my wife could say the same.

Two: myself and deedeeknowit, who is much more of a lurker than a poster. None of the cats are old enough to join yet, although Caelan does enjoying walking on the keyboard when I’m trying to post something pithy and life-changing.

Just me. I was going to do the cats-on-the-keyboard joke, but see I’ve already been beaten to it.

Leet the Wonder Dog[sup]TM[/sup] has started a couple of threads using my account, but I can’t figure out if he is my sock puppet or I am his.


There are far fewer dopers in my house now than there were during college.

Just me, unless the voices in my head are expressing their opinions while I am asleep.


My spousal unit joined years and years ago to post a couple of times, then decided he wasn’t into this whole message board thing. So, for all intensive porpoises, it’s just me. :smiley:

100% Doper household here. There’s me, myself, and I.

Only me, but if I ever get me a cat (or a wife), she can run over my keyboard any time I’m not looking.

One. My wife sometimes lurks, but has never signed up. And the Firebug is too young to sign up.

I feel the need to give you a bit of advise.

2 out of 2.

Just two of us. The one who posted a reply a long time ago, and one who doesn’t remember that and reposed to the zombie.


Just me, but I plan to start grooming* my 6-year-old soon. I hope this thing is still around by the time he’s around 13. Just in time for another round of “alternate ending to Big”…

*unfortunate that this word nowadays evokes “gorillas with lice” and “child molesters”

No other Dopers. At least one dope, though.

There’s only me living here (looks around nervously. :eek: )