how drunk...

how drunk is too drunk to post on a message board?

I’m pretty lit but still able to proofread so I started to wonder.

I haven’t drank for a while because I’m on a diet, but normally I like to post with a BAC of .08 or higher. I suspect many other dopers exceed this. Drunk posting is no more incoherent than some of the nonsense that is posted by some of the sober liberals who appear on the SDMB.

don’t quite know what what my BAC is but it’s pretty close to the limit.

I’ve a few beers tonight myself, but knowing what forum to post this question might be a clue. Doesn’t this smack of MPSIMS.

Posting in the wrong forum is a sure sign of intoxication.

Replying to such posts is confirmation of the same.

Did I mention that I’ve switched to tequila? I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

While I arrogantly claim to know martinis, I’m not so familiar with tequila. That’s why I’m trying to come up with a name for this fine drink I created today. As with many famous drinks, it was born of necessity–lack of mixers. Here’s the recipe:

Distilled water.

A few teaspoons of Tang.

Slightly too much Monte Alban (sans worm, so far).

Lots of very cold ice.

Monte Alban is aged in charcoaled casks, not unlike Jack Daniels. Somehow, the Tang magnifies the smoky flavor of the tequila. Done in shots, the smokiness is much less evident. The one person I’ve convinced to try this drink now refuses to have sex with me.

Does anyone have an explanation for this (the smokiness, not the girl)? And while you’re at it, does anyone care to offer a name for this ill-begotten, rotten concoction? So far, I’ve been calling it a “punta-Tang,” in honor of my lost conquest, but I suspect there are better suggestions out there.

If you want to continue to post to this one, apparently much, much, much less drunk than you are right now.

Hope this helps.