How Far From The Drive-thru Can You Get Before You Eat a Fry?

Inspired by the other poll, I present the following:

When you order French fries from the drive-through, how far can you get before you eat at least one French fry (or maybe all of them)?

  • Before my car starts moving from the drive-through window,
  • Before I enter the public street at the end of the drive-through lane.
  • Soon after I am driving on a public street.
  • Well after I leave the restaurant but before I arrive at my destination.
  • When I arrive at my destination but before I get out of my car.
  • I never eat any fries before I sit down to eat my entire meal.
  • I always buy an extra order of fries just for the trip.
  • Other (please explain).

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I might be a weird one. I dislike eating in my car, so I make it home with all my fries 100% of the time.

I only get fries with drive-through for lunch at work, and my shop is only about a mile from the restaurant, so they make it to work intact.

When I check to make sure everything I ordered is in the bag I am likely to pull out a fry and eat it. I have occasionally been hungry enough to eat half a medium fry on the way home, but that’s the exception.

They are usually gone by the time I get home. The half life of an edible french fry is one of the shortest measurements of time known to man.

^This. Even more so with onion rings.

↑↑ Definitely.

Fries need to be eaten piping hot. Waiting to drive home let’s them cool too much.

Half of mine are consumed driving home.

Perfectly salted hot fries will be gone by the time I get to work or home.

Less than perfect fries will make it home so I can choke it down with ketchup.

it depends on how physically strenuous my day has been up to that point or, if at the end if the day, if I’ve eaten lunch that day.

Not strenuous and I’ve eaten lunch, I don’t eat the fries if I get them, Vaderling can have them. For the other two scenarios, somewhere after leaving the drive thru and the first stop light or sign. depends on how they’re packaged and how deep in the bag they are

I avoid to the extent possible the smell of food in my car. But I’m not as insane about it as I am about actually eating in the car. So you’re not a lone freak.

Which answer would I choose if they hand me the bag of fries, I send them back for extra napkins/straw/whatever, and by the time they get back, I’m holding out an empty holster of fries and asking if they offer refills?

This is a funny question. I don’t typically get drive-thru burgers but takeout food from restaurants quite a bit so that’s similar enough. I agree with the “edible fry half life” posters so I’ve taken to getting a side salad instead of fries when getting takeout. Takeout burgers aren’t that great either in my opinion but don’t deteriorate fast enough for them to be terrible.

My analogous situation would be takeout Mexican, and the answer to the question “how long until you’re munching on the side chips” would be “before I’ve left the parking lot”.

If I’m driving and I don’t have any front-seat assistance managing the food, I wait rather than allow myself to get distracted rummaging around in the bags.

If I have someone to do my rummaging around for me, I may take a pinch of fries on the road. (I always move out briskly from the parking lot so there’s no time to get into the food before the road, and I don’t like being distracted as I’m trying to manage getting out into traffic.)