How has Former President Trump pissed you off today?

I can totally see the GQP preserving his corpse and putting it on display, ala Lenin.

Think of the money they could make charging admission to the rubes.

They’ll have to put it on display. You know what happened the last time they tried to dispose of a beached dead whale.

The stupid never stops.

A stone bust of Donald Trump would already be chiselled into the granite pillars of Mount Rushmore if the former president were a Democrat, according to Donald Trump.

Wasn’t he a Democrat before? I don’t recall anyone trying to put that tacky toupee on Mount Rushmore then.

Or even encouraging him to run for dogcatcher.

Someone should point to the Orange Wiz that none of the prezzes currently on Mt. Rushmore were Democrats.

What do pesky things like facts matter to that waste of carbon?

It’s only been 3 months and not being the center of attention all day every day is driving him insane.

He wasn’t already there?


Well Jefferson was the founder of the Democratic-Republican party (a concept that would cause Trumo’s tiny brain to explode) which later became the Democratic party. So maybe there is one,

Forget about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and getting away with it.

Trump’s supporters are so besotted with the man that he could shield himself from a sniper with a baby and still not lose support.

1:20 in

Nevermind the fact that babies make horrible bullet shields. Grab a meaty adult for chrissakes - you’ll never stop rifle bullets with a baby!

Individual 1 revealed his new “platform” to post his blatherings on. It’s a page on his previously existing website, where he’s apparently going to post blogs.

What if it’s a laser baby?

Am I surprised? No. No, I am not.

Liz Cheney isn’t going quietly, bless her:

Somebody on Twitter said she should follow the Republican ideal, and claim she won the vote.

That would be AWESOME.

Demand a recount. Get some cyber ninjas to bring out the blacklights and question them on how they voted.

I would not be all that surprised if we do start seeing this phenomenon in some Pub-on-Pub contests, such as primaries.

Once you’ve accustomed people to the notion that anytime they don’t win it must be because the other guy cheated, they’re eventually going to start applying that reasoning to one another as well as to the “common enemy” (Dems, in this case).

Liz Cheney is secretly Lobelia Sackville-Baggins

It all fits!