How has Former President Trump pissed you off today?

I was expecting a thread in P&E about the DOJ snooping into Democrats and their families. Merritt Garland has to put his big boy pants on and clean house. Anyone involved with this needs to be out of his job.

Whenever Republicans commit an egregious crime, the response is always, ALWAYS: “That’s past history, the country needs to move on, forgive and forget, try to be more non-partisan”

Then they go ahead and plan to commit more crimes in the future. This is how Republicans operate.

But they’ll be investigating Benghazi and Hunter Biden when our grandchildren are in nursing homes.

By failing to prosecute Trump Administration officials who broke the law, Merrick Garland is sending a clear message: ’Republican officeholders, commit as many crimes as you wish—you will never be held accountable, due to Democratic fear of being seen as partisan.'

Merrick Garland doesn’t realize he’s sending this message, of course. He believes that the message he’s sending is 'a correctly-run Department of Justice does not prosecute, or even investigate, members of the out-of-power party.’

But he’s wrong. The message he’s sending is the first one.

And Republicans are receiving it loud and clear.

I’m writing this without having read the Republican response to the latest allegations but a common rank and file response to overreach of this nature by government is in my experience usually “but did the alleged perpetrator commit the offence?” In other words, particularly to an RWA mind, the priority is enforcing the rules, and the means justifies the end.

In this scenario I would expect the Republican rank-and-file say “well it’s the Democrats fault for leaking, and Trump was right to investigate, by any means necessary”

I don’t disagree but this is one of the reasons why I am pessimistic about the future of US democracy.

In a contest, once one party starts to win by taking the low road, their opponent is left with the options of taking the high road and losing, or taking the low road and causing the entire contest to spin down into a brawl.

In theory the referee (the electorate) should step in and punish the party taking the low road but unfortunately the US body politic has reached the point where a critical mass of voters are so partisan that they don’t care if their favourite cheats to win. At that point, the future is precarious.

Sure, the now hyper-partisan minority of the Republicans will think that. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the supposed "leak’, if it even happened, and we don’t know who they were investigating or why. Due to the unprecedented amount of secrecy and gag orders, even on the lawyers and subjects of the investigation.

This is banana-republic territory.

Double secret probation - it’s not just for Faber anymore.

Excellent point. I agree that this situation leads to pessimism about the continued existence of democracy.

It’s extremely common on Twitter, and probably other venues, for leftists to mock and condemn Michelle Obama’s famous remark “when they go low, we go high.” It’s seen not just as naïve, but as a strategy actively harmful to the project of, I guess, leftists obtaining the same Absolute Power that rightists seek to obtain.

Impossible not to feel a certain degree of despair. For me the only remedy is to recall that some proportion of human infants are born with an inborn attraction to authoritarianism—and it doesn’t much matter whether they end up on the Left or on the Right.

Same results, either way: they all despise the rule of law and the concept of behaving with integrity (i.e. ‘taking the high road’) equally.

And it’s even more egregious because I’m not stupid and I’m pretty sure the leaks were coming from inside the house, as it were.

Trump, or more likely, one of his surrogates or lackeys, would leak the information with the intent of damaging another Trump lackey - all with the tacit encouragement of Trump, who would then get all indignant about the leaks and , apparently use them as an excuse to go after his enemies.

A few years ago I read a Trump tell-all by a minor staffer, Cliff Sims, IIRC. He said one day he was working on something in Kellyanne’s office, and she left a mobile device on the table where he was working, not realizing that it was syncing with the device she was using at the time.

Apparently she spent that day in constant communication with reporters from the NYT, WaPo and other mainstream news outlets, and there wasn’t much reason to think that this wasn’t a typical KellyAnne work day.

Apparently, leaking and confirming false stories was also part of the White House playbook, it was a major part of the effort to discredit the press and advance the “fake news” narrative.

I ended up watching a quite a bit of reality TV during the pandemic, and it gave me insight into the Trump Administration. It’s the art of highlighting conflict, or creating it out of thin air……so you can engineer a big dramatic resolution.

Cool theory but for that very last word, resolution.

When da hell did the previous administration ever resolve anything.

Well, Max Headroom was 20 minutes into the future. The Trump administration was always 2 weeks into the future…

Reality TV… Resolutions always lead to more conundrums that lead to more resolutions. It’s why soap operas are still with us.

Edge of your seat sells.

Trump learned that early on but never learned how to apply it to most of his ventures.

Nobody wants questionable steaks/wine.

Questionable college degrees I guess are ok…

I would guess the bankrupt casinos money laundered a bazillion dollars. Trump and his people were too dumb to “fake news/books” it to keep them up and running.

I’m hoping he gets “Caponed”. And his adult kids as well (so not Barron or Tiffany). Melania doesn’t need to go to prison … I’d just like her to be penniless. Yeah, I’m that petty.

I don’t care. Do you?

Individual 1’s DOJ subpoenaed the phone records of his lawyer Don McGahn while he was still Individual 1’s lawyer.

This is something Trump learned from Roy Cohn (and possibly from Fred Trump, too): always have dirt on the people who work for you.

No doubt this handy precept was a pleasant topic of conversation during Trump’s meetings with Putin, as well.

Didn’t I read just a few days ago that it turned out McGahn actually was a significant leaker? The America-hating fuckstick may have called him a lying bastard. But he never called him out as a leaker.

Hilarious, if the DOJ couldn’t suss that out.

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I wouldn’t mind her penniless AND deported.

McGahn was not The Shitgibbon’s lawyer. He was council to the White House. That was the problem.

Everyone including the Attorney General, all the intelligence services, cabinet posts, were DumpsterFire’s personal servants. Screw the job description, laws, regulations; you work for DF.