How I Met Your Mother - Feb 28, 2011

What are they doing to Barney?! :frowning:

I did like the return to their traditional flashback within a flashback story telling. Best was in the opening with Barney’s “One Rule”.

Making him grow up?

You know, if they hadn’t met in the bar, I was all ready to start the “Nora is the mother” theory. Oh well.

And I don’t think any other show can get away with a minute of nothing but dog puns. I was laughing hysterically at that scene.

I know, I know… Barney has to grow up to be a respectable “Uncle Barney” at some point. They’re going to have him meet his father, and now they want him to settle down. I don’t exactly hate it… but I’m not thrilled either.

Oh, and the return of the sandwiches was pretty awesome.

I’m going to miss Nora - hot woman with a british accent; yum!