How Lazy Are We?

I’m so lazy, I’d walk several times around the living room (in front of the TV) looking for the remote so i could lower the volume.

I’m too lazy to think of a better reply to this thread. I’m also too lazy to look for an appropriate smiley to better indicate how lazy I am.

Help! I’ve fallen (onto the sofa) and I won’t get up!

That’s not laziness, Red Matrix. If your only intent is to turn the volume down then it is inefficient. If it is to then be able to change channels 400 times and adjust the volume some more then it is the only solution you have got. :smiley:

How lazy are yew summerjack?

Too lazy to contribute more to this (potentially) funny thread. The topic of which could be the subject for a humorous book or, in the spirit of laziness, a copy and pasted and forwarded email. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll circle this parking lot for fifteen minutes to get a space closer to the door, saving myself a 30-second stroll.

I used to be my mom’s voice-activated remote control.

I’ll look up local phone numbers online rather than get up and get out the phone book.



I’m so lazy that I’d run out of underwear before I’d unload, fold, and put away my laundry, done three weeks ago.

PS–I have ridiculous amounts of underwear for this reason, thus further enabling myself to be this goddam lazy.

I’m too lazy to wash my cookie sheet when I bake a frozen dinner. I pull out a sheet of aluminum foil, put the nuggets or fish sticks or whatever on it, bake the food until it’s edible, dump it on a plate, throw the foil away, and after the (clean) cookie sheet cools, stick it back in the cupboard.

No joke. I feel guilty about all the foil, but I keep doing it.

Rubystreak has the right idea, I do that almost every week. In fact, I just bought more undies so I wouldn’t have to keep washing the damn things. I never mate socks either. They have to find their sole-mates by themselves.

Mr. Toes doesn’t take a shit all day so he can get it over with all at once.

I’m so lazy I didn’t even think of an original or entertaining line to write.

I’m so lazy, it took me an hour and a half to get out of bed this morning, another half hour to get down to the barn, where I then took breaks to play with the pouncy kittens every fifteen minutes. It took me three hours to do a job that usually takes forty-five minutes.

And I am proud/happy. Because I heard my dad say “f*ckhat” this morning.

N h, th t’s just ff c ncy. But t d s g v y m r t m t b l zy w th th r t sks.
S m t m s, 'm t l zy t typ v w ls.

uuuuuuuuu, I didn’t say all of them!

How’s this for lazy?