How long can you keep a fresh turkey in the fridge?

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend (Canuck, not Murican), and Mrs Piper has found a store that sells fresh turkeys. How long can you keep a fresh turkey in the fridge? we want to have the meal on Sunday. if we leave off buying it too long, the turkeys will all be sold. but if we buy it too early, will it go bad?

That depends. Does the turkey have anything to eat?

The USDA says 1-2 days (scroll down to the bottom).

It may not go bad, but it will probably be seriously misunderstood.

thanks very much. I went out and bought our nice’n’fresh Thanksgiving turkey today, which we’ll cook tomorrow, since we’re busy with something else on Thanksgiving Monday.

You know, we really need a :groan: smiley on these boards.

the turkey is no longer fresh. [burp]

Happy Thanksgiving! Our ex-pat dinner is always held at a friends’ house. It includes several Pakistani co-workers of friend’s husband. I get turkey and tandoori, always an excellent day. And I’m taking Saskatoon pie and Butter tarts!

Wasn’t there a song about Saskatoon?

Found it!

I thought you were going to come up with “Running back to Saskatoon” by the Guess Who… I’m impressed!

Saskatoon pie is made from Saskatoon berries. Delicious. Also known as Shad or Service berries, or June berries if I’m to believe this Wiki link. I canned them this summer while I was at Mom’s in Alberta, and my sister brought me some from Yellowknife as well.

That’s what I thought it would be as well - I’ve never heard of “A Little Bit South of Saskatoon” before.

Nor have I ever heard them called anything but Saskatoon berries, or even just “saskatoons.” :confused: Have you heard people call them Shad or Service berries, Ginger?

is that tandoori turkey, or turkey and tandoori chicken?

either way, sounds great - have fun.