How many CD's/Tapes/Records do you own?

And how long have you been collecting music?

Tapes: 254 (including cassette singles and tapes I’ve recorded myself)
CDs: 57
Records: What’re those? :smiley: There are records in the house, but they belong to my parents. I’d say they’ve got at least 200.

And I’ve been buying music cince age 9.

We’ve got 260 vinyl albums and 285 CDs. I don’t count tapes because we have very few tapes that we don’t also have on record or CD. I started buying albums in 1975 or so, and Mr. Legend has been collecting them since about 1970.

Now all we need is a turntable and some decent storage cabinets for the CDs and we’ll be all set.

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Eye DUE no hau two spell.


Well Audrey, if it’s any consolation, after coming home from that bar, it took me about three tries to figure out what you spelled wrong. And this is despite the fact that you quoted it and bolded it.

Personally, I have about 300 CDs (not all store bought), probably 80 tapes (some store bought, and some custom “creations” of my own), and about 12 gigs of MP3s. This is the culmination of about 10 years of music collection.

I stopped counting cd’s at 400. The reason I stopped counting at 400 is because that’s what my storage racks hold and I haven’t bought any more. That was about 3 or 4 years ago, so my best guess it that I’m almost to 600 now. I guess I could go count my haphazard piles of jewel cases to get the exact number.

My brother-in-law used to own a music store and I’d get cd’s in liu of cash when I worked for him. Needless to say I have a ton of cd’s that I’ve only heard once or so.

Funny thing is, it finally happened… I bought a duplicate cd. I thought it would’ve happened much earlier than this. I saw the remastered Police’s Singles (Greatest hits) and bought it – fully aware that I owned the cassette, but ignorant that I had already bought the cd. It wasn’t a total loss, however. The new cd has the original “Don’t stand so close to me” while the old one does not.

As far as cassettes go, I have about 300 or so including singles. I’ve never counted my cassettes, however, and plenty of these I also have in cd format.

I’ve got about 50 cd’s and about 100 cassettes.

My habit is to get into some type of music for a number of years, then lose interest and move onto another type and sell off one collection to finance the new one.

I stopped counting CD’s after about 600. When I worked on rigs I’d pick up about 10 cd’s for a two week stint. Since then, I’ve worked as a developer, so listen to music most of the working day - and average about two new cd’s a week.

I haven’t done a full inventory in a while, so preface all numbers below with “about” . . .
CDs - 600
CD singles - 120
Vinyl LPs - 200
Vinyl 12" (singles, EPs, etc) - 140
Vinyl 7" - 200
MiniDiscs (pre-recorded) - 6 [that one’s exact]
Cassettes (pre-recorded) - 75

I am purposely not counting those tapes, MiniDiscs, or CD-Rs that I have personally compiled.

How long? hmmmm . . . . probably “seriously” for about 18 years, although some of my vinyl predates that.

Now I have a hankering to go and get the exact counts . . . but I have to work. :frowning:

I have about 300 cd’s and maybe 400 tapes or so. I’ve been collecting for a while but sold off a lot of cd’s when I needed money. What a mistake that was. I regret it all the time. I used to have some great records too but either destroyed them as a kid (R.I.P. pacman fever) or lost them while moving homes.

I have about 400 CDS in 12 different languages, collected in 8 years and 3 months. Most of them are Andrew Lloyd Webber related.

1000’s and 1000’s of CD’s. Around a 1000 cassettes. Little music on the tapes. I “Air Check” myself on a semi regular basis. Or atleast, I used to before we went digital.

Now I have a few shows stored neatly on a hard drive somewhere in the building.

I listen to only about 50-100 CD’s. I guess I have my own “high rotation” list at home too!!!

960 CDs (yes I know the exact #; I have a database). In truth a few are my wife’s (we count it all as ours now), but over 900 came with me into the marriage. Every so often, I go on a strict regimen where I listen to every CD I (we) own without repeating until I’ve heard them all. This is a good way to revisit old stuff I’d forgotten or remind myself why I don’t listen to them much in the first place (in which case, I usually sell them off for store credit at my local used CD store). I’ve also found that, whenever I run into somebody with over, say, 250 CDs, invariably our overlap is less than 10%–many of the things I own I’m the only person I know (in the real, non-cyber world) who does.

Tapes & LPs–Not many, relative to above. Never listen to my tapes anymore (though I do create mixes for others on occasion), and my new stereo has no turntable. I’ve also never visited Napster or any other downloadable music site.

I’ve been collecting tapes since high school, CDs since sophomore year in college.

to buy more, but can’t find the resources or time to spend flipping through the bins…

around 300 vinyl records (60 of which are 12" singles)
around 400 CDs
around 150 cassettes (maybe 20 of which are pre-recorded, the rest are mixes and ‘evaluation’ copies)

I started buying stuff at 16/17 in '83 and continued in earnest for about 10 years. Things really trailed off after that.