How many minutes does the cigarette toll cost?

I was dating a pre-med college student who told me that every cigarette I smoked took 7 minutes off my life. I was later informed by a cargiologist that it was more like 3 minutes, and only after a smoker had reached 5 PY’s (Pack-Years [when Number-Of-Packs-per-Day x Years-Smoked =5]. No doubt, there is no one formula that’s going to be totally accurate for anyone. I have checked numerous websites, including the American Cancer Association and for this information but came up with nothing. I know I am but a mere newbie and I deeply regret not putting up a post where more scathing replies can be made, but curiosity has gotten the best of me. Have at it.

Well, the silkquit meter seems to use 5 minutes per cigarette. I don’t know if it takes into consideration the number smoked per day, or if it just uses a flat rate. The information over at may give you a more specific rate.