How many pepsi prducts are you going to buy?

For a shot at a billion dollars?

I know I’ll buy at least one.

Pepsi is not fit to wash my shoes with. Coke is it, baby! :smiley:

Well now…I have to admit, that is product loyalty.


My mom used to give me shit for drinking 4 litres of diet pepsi per day. I just knew it would pay off eventually.

Hmm…or is this going to be like the Harrier deal where some guy had enough points to get it but it turned out that Pepsi was just kidding. Sheesh.

I wonder what the chances are that Rico will stop giving me a hard time about how much diet pepsi twist I drink:p

Not much.

Won’t someone please think of the kidneys? :slight_smile:

About as many as I would normally buy. I like it better then coke but I don’t really care for game shows.

Now, for a week(hell, a day) on the space station, I’d buy a couple truckloads.

None. I drink Sprite and only Sprite.


I drink only A&W brand soft drinks. Not only do they tase better than Coke/Pepsi, but they’re also a lot cheaper because the company doesn’t advertise. It seems to me that if I bought Pepsi products throughout the summer, I’d have to pay for the insurance on this billion-dollar game show, so it actually gives me even less motivation to drink Pepsi than I normally have.

With a billion dollars, I"ll just buy new kidneys.

Seventeen. No, eighteen. No…seventeen sounds better.

Exactly zero. Drinking Pepsi makes baby Jesus cry.

Hmm…I wonder if Pepsi One is included in this deal? I’m drinking it all the time.

None. I’d rather drink my own urine than drink Pepsi.

Based on the contest description, Pepsi is concocting a way in which someone will win something - and 1 billion is 'possible - but the something will invariably be alot less than 1 billion.

The winners from Pepsi purchases get to be on the show and will produce a winner, but that winner almost certainly will not wind up with 1 billion.

None. I don’t see a point in changing my purchasing decisions on buying of a product that is not based upon a change in quality or price. They can give me a shot at anything and I’m not going to care, because I won’t win. Why change my tastes for a one in a billion chance of getting cash? I think not.

I’ll see your Seventeen and raise you Fifty Thousand!


Hit’s the deck in fear of serious coke fans milling about

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Ummmm… I don’t think your Mom’s to blame. :slight_smile: