How much caffeine have you had today?

According to this little website, I have consumed 397mg of caffeine today. I got up obscenely early with the hopes of finishing a lab write-up before class (which I didn’t manage to pull off) and chugged a can of Rockstar. Then I picked up a cup of coffee on my way to class. I had a Coke with lunch/throughout the afternoon, and then shortly before my evening class I had a mocha.

How about you?

I have a pot of French Roast on weekends and telecommuting days, and today I had a Coke too. So… 1,200mg? 1,250? Somewhere around there.

None. So far today I’ve drunk only orange juice and water.

Also none. I pretty much just drink water. (Mostly because it’s free, from water fountains.)

None. Some days I eat some chocolate, but that’s usually my only source of caffeine.

None here, though I am running on very little sleep, so maybe I’ll dig into some 99% chocolate. Mmm, good stuff.

About 78mg - my daily 250ml can of V.

Some people at work try and tell me I shouldn’t drink a can of V every day - but then I ask how many coffees they have per day, compared to my 1 V and no coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

2 twenty ounce bottles and 1 one liter bottle of Pepsi. 234 mg.

Wow, look at AMMO. 171 mg. per ounce. Yeah, they don’t reccommend doing it undiluted, because your brain would probably explode.

No so far. But some is bound to be had later in the day.

I have a Starbucks medium coffee sitting in front of me, so it will be 330 mgs soon enough.

  1. It’s the end of the day, here, though.


None, but I am waiting on my co-worker…and he just walked in!

None. I can’t have caffeine, it exacerbates my GERD.

Morning lattee, made in my own machine. About 5oz @ 51mg/oz: 255mg
Store Brand diet cola (assume like Coke): 45 mg.

At least two more cups of office Drip coffee are in my future before lunch: 210 mg each (it’s a big mug).

A mere 721 mg is my likely intake before noon.

I often have an afternoon cup, too, around 3:00 to get through the afternoon doldrums.

Sleep is just a crutch, you know, for those who can’t handle caffeine. I got stuck up last night playing Spore. Damn space phase.

I’m working on my second glass of (home brewed) iced Earl Grey tea. I also had a can of Coke after breakfast. After this glass of iced tea, that will be it for the day, and almost never after 3:00 in the afternoon.

I start the day with four shots of espresso, or two doubles. That’s about 204 mg.

You know, I thought I consumed quite a lot but compared to some of you I am a featherweight. I appear to consume around 500 mg a day. Today is somewhat lacking as I skipped stopping at the coffee shop on my way back from the gym (oh who here in the humid deep south doesn’t want to cool down with a big ol’ cup of sugar free soy latte?).

I feel strangely like I am cheating on the barista…

That’s a nifty little website.

I’ve only had a Mountain Dew so far today, so my status is only “Caffeinated.” That’s probably all I’ll have, maybe a Pepsi. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, and honestly caffeine doesn’t actually affect me that much. Neither does sugar.